Pomegranate and Mint Lamb Chops

The perfect holiday dish: Pomegranate and Mint Lamb Chops. The ruby-red Pomegranates and bright green mint combo make this really festive, don’t you agree? The lamb rib chops I use in this recipe are ...more

Giveaway! Hamilton Beach® Stack & Snap™10 Cup Food Processor

I make salsa. Lots of salsa… all year long. Red salsa ....more

Holiday Bacon Cheese Straws

I look at store-bought puff pastry dough as the Alice in Wonderland of the bread world! Small or big (and everything in between)...  just like Alice!...more

Holiday Bacon Cheese Straws

Presenting! Store-bought puff pastry dough… The Alice in Wonderland of the bread world! Small or big…and everything in between, just like Alice! ...more

How to Open a Pomegranate

When I was a kid growing up in West Texas, we used to pick pomegranates off of...more

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen!

Need some help in the kitchen, but your volunteers are barely able to see over the counter top? Don’t despair… put them to work! I’ve said it again and again, but some of my best memories are of being with my kids in the kitchen ....more

Happpiness Is Homemade Link Party

Wow! Week #48! Brittany and I send a HUGE thank you to all of our blogger friends who have been with us each week! ...more

Thanksgiving Leftovers = Baked Potato Bar

This is what you’re going to do with some of those Thanksgiving leftovers: Set up...more

How To Make Candied Pumpkin Seeds

Are you making a pumpkin pie from scratch this Thanksgiving? Don’t throw out the best part! I’m talking about the seeds, of course! ...more

Baked Quinoa and Carrot Fritters

Making Monday’s evening meal meatless is a great way to feel a little less guilty for any weekend over-indulgence. Using what you’ve already got in the fridge makes it a double bonus… it helps you get rid of those leftovers! I came up with this recipe for Baked Quinoa and Carrot Fritters using leftover quinoa […] The post Baked Quinoa and Carrot Fritters appeared first on Mama's High Strung ® ....more