Grandpa's Taxi

The mere sight of school supplies sends me back. I remember getting “the list” from school and heading to Harts (which is, sadly, no longer in my hometown) to load up on supplies. I also remember a few years when we went to the Dollar Saver, where they had prepackaged supplies organized by grade....more

The slow warm-up

Today I actually left my desk at lunchtime to run some errands. I passed by a nearby child care facility where some toddlers were playing outside. They were chasing their teacher around the courtyard, giggling and squealing the entire time. I smiled to myself, knowing how my kids would likely be in the thick of it if they were there. Then I noticed her. A petite, chubby-faced little girl wearing a floppy hat, standing in the corner near the building’s entrance. She was smiling, enjoying watching the kids. I don’t think she was there because she was being punished....more

Introducing Andy. Let’s hope we get to keep him.

This is Andy.AKA Mr. Fish. And now known as the fish who almost lived in the basement instead of Jack’s room. This is not the post I started out to write....more

Back to school... sort of

My boys moved up to their new classrooms at daycare this week, and even thought they’ve been going there every day all summer while we worked, it was just as bittersweet. Henry was a bit confused, but also pretty darn excited about all the new toys and activities and kids in his new room.  Jack already knows his new teacher, having spent the first 20 minutes or so of his day last year in her room until his teacher arrived....more