Wood Crafts by MamawSue

While my 65 year old husband is working in his little homemade shop, I thought I would tell you of his wonderful hobby.  He loves to work with wood. His small lathe is just wonderful for making crochet hooks, knitting needles and bowls for local craft shows.  He sells crochet hooks like they are going out of style.  Women love the warm, soft feel for a wooden crochet hook. I have a red heart set of hooks that I use almost everyday. He would love to have a small shop to sell his hooks and needles, and maybe someday he will. Wood items are so warm and beautiful....more

What to do at 65

April 10Walked 1.5 miles. Made it to Elizabethtown. Lol... Never left the gym... Now I head for Bowling Green, Ky  50 miles or so. Should take a few more days.  How is everone else doing? Anyone want to join the walk?  Did some well needed stretching today so only got 1 mile walking. Now It is 1.75 miles to Elizabethtown. Hope I can make that tomorrow, then on to Bowling Green, Ky. lolDay before yesterday I walked. 1.5 miles. I am starting in Radcliff, Ky... So I am headed to Elizabethtown. It is 8 miles. 6.5 to go.  ...more
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