Sandmen Layoffs?! What next?!

 I was scanning the headlines the other day when I came across some shocking news. “Major cutbacks at Sandman Incorporated”              Across the nation, thousands of Sandmen have received their walking papers....more

I Think I Lost My Mojo

  I think I’ve lost my Mojo. Yo, Mojo, where you at?        It seems my Mojo felt I was cramping her style. Bringing her down. Killing her vibe. She hung around as long as she could before finally stealing away in the middle of the night, hot on the heels of some of my other lost friends (my patience, my sanity, my free time). ...more

My Iron Fist

As I’ve mentioned before, I run a tight ship here at the Mamma Talk humble abode. I govern with a firm hand, an iron fist and with nerves of steel. “OK, kid. Stop screaming…. I’ll give ya a cookie?” I believe in order and structure. “Just shove it all under the bed, will ya? They’re gonna be here any minute!” ...more

Bloggy Orphans

I am a Stay at Home Mother. I have shelved my teaching career for a handful of precious years to attend to the needs of my little ducklings. I am happy to place their needs over our indulgences. I am filling their foundational years with my full attention and…                                                                                    Not, now, sweetheart I am blogging…   ...more

Who, me?

I know imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when my preschooler marched into the room with my Ugg boots up to her thighs and my purse dragging behind her, I knew I was in for a good look in the mirror. “We can’t have this!” She ordered as she stamped back and forth. ...more

Parent Decoder Ring

It came in the mail last week, securely wrapped in bubble wrap and brown paper. I eagerly rushed it inside, shaking it madly on the way back from the mail box. Moments later, it was unwrapped and laying on the table as I scrutinized the instruction manual. My Parent Decoder Ring. ...more

Wanted Dead or Alive

                       MY FREE TIME Aliases: Me time, leisure time, naptime, shower time, curled-up-with-a-book-time, down time, shopping time, occasional -spa-time, wasting time, killing time, vegging time ...more

Macaroni Madness

My preschooler is addicted to macaroni and cheese. She is a bit of a connoisseur, really. She can name that mac with just one bite. “I see it’s Kraft again, Mommy,” she says with a pinch of mac and cheese snobbery. ...more

Toddler Pox

My doctor peered over his glasses as I whispered my secrets.   “I think something’s a little off with me lately.” ...more

My Unresolutions

I’ve thrown them out. Discarded them. Tossed them. Gave ‘em the boot. And I’m not feeling guilty about it. ...more