FREE Phone Call from Santa & FREE EMail from Santa~Oh, the Anticipation!!

One of the best parts of Christmas, in my opinion, is watching how excited all the little children get. You can watch them begin to realize something very exciting is about to happen from the minute they hear that first Christmas song on the radio. Daily, they watch as houses light up along the streets, and they become even more excited. It's so much fun watching them countdown to Christmas and try to behave for Santa. However, after about a week of looking at Christmas lights and hearing carols, they become numb and that initial "Christmas buzz" begins to wear off....more

The Battle of Balls & Book Review

 My first Christmas as an "Adult", with my own family and christmas tree, I had a baby. I have spent every christmas of my adult life with children in the house, and every year my ornaments have survived without even a blemish! Over the years, our family has expanded. As a stay at home mom, I have been the babysitter for at least a dozen different different children, of all different ages. Every year, the saturday before Christmas, I hold a big Christmas with Santa party and my home is filled from wall to wall with friends, family, and thier children....more

Christmas Memories ***FREE Personalized Video From Santa**

Christmas Memories *Personalized Santa Video---FREE* This time of year is soooooo much fun for me! I love all the houses lit up, the pretty christmas trees, and all the holiday gatherings! It's alot of work, but completely worth it in the end....more

Noone Told Me About THIS

I honestly thought that I had the golden ticket out of Tween/Teen, pubescent, moody, "I hate my mother", crying for no reason DRAMA! Afterall, I have all boys, and all that nonsense is a "girl thing"...right?! WRONG!!!! Apparently, I am the most unfair mother in the world! (sidenote: I NEVER in my wildest imagination thought I'd be called "unfair"!...more

Are We There YET!?!?! *feature article from Suzy, editor at SureBaby*

As I prepare for my LONG car ride to Florida, I think to myself: "How many times will I hear 'mom are we there yet'?" I'm thinking the first time I will hear it is about 3hours into my trip, maybe 4?! The only reason I'm even giving them this long before asking is because I'm leaving at nap time!...more

Cleaning the Mini-Van

My messy mini-van...I've touched on this before, but didn't expand on it. However, after hours of cleaning, I'm ready to discuss it.I openly admit it----I can't seem to keep a car clean to save my life! Everyone that knows me comments on it. They can't seem to understand how someone completely OCD about cleaning her house can leave a car as messy as I do! The mess is actually a little embarassing....more

The Crystal Ball Question...

One of my friends, Miss Dina B., posted the following question om Facebook: " If you had a "what-if" crystal ball, would you look into it, even though you couldn't change anything about life as you know it now?" Right away I knew my answer was NO!!...more

Right Before Bedtime

Did you ever notice how your children seem to reach the peak of annoyance, during that last hour, before bedtime? They start fighting with each other over the littlest things? Seem to only be able to talk using their "outstide" voice? I am telling you, by the time 8pm rolls around, and all 4 of my children are at this point, I just want to put in ear plugs!...more

Pre-Vacation "Nesting"

Every "guide to pregnancy" has a chapter on "nesting". They tell you how your maternal instinct kicks into overdrive, and you start cleaning like crazy in preparation for your new little one to arrive....more

I Was Wrong... turned out to be an awesome weekend! We may have started off with a yucky start on friday, given the registration ticket and flat tire, but once it was all fixed (tire only costing $10) the weekend went from disaster to delightful! :) Although Jake spent Friday night AWAKE and refusing to sleep, I didn't let it ruin our saturday! Joe took the big boys to football, and I took the two little boys shopping for the day....more