Dark Chocolate Candy Hearts

Adorable Dark Chocolate Candy Hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day! ...more

Kitchen Pantry Organization {Before & After}

See how my kitchen pantry was transformed after some much-needed organization! This is my pantry. This is my messy, unorganized, over-flowing, ridiculous pantry ....more

Sprinkles Cabinet {Before & After}

See where I store all my sprinkles, food coloring, and other baking essentials! (Who knew Baking Supplies Storage could be so fun?!?) I found this picture of my sprinkles cabinet that I took last year. After I took the picture I immediately started organizing ....more

From-Scratch Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Finding the perfect cake for a special birthday has just gotten easier! This Homemade Strawberry Cake with silky Cream Cheese Frosting is perfection! (Video below on how to create this ruffle technique!) I love making my own birthday cake! ...more

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookie

Cookies with the fabulous classic flavor of chocolate covered strawberries. See it HERE! Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookie submitted by Tikkido The post Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookie appeared first on i am baker ....more

Dairy Free Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting

I have had a dairy allergy my whole life, making desserts particularly difficult. Especially chocolate ones. This brownie recipe is perfectly moist and rich, complemented perfectly by the ultra smooth peanut butter frosting ....more

Gross Anatomy Cookies

These are the BEST oatmeal chocolate chip cookies EVER. Soft, chewy, absolutely perfect. And with a great story about the name ....more

Toffee Apple Popcorn Cake

I like Toffee Apples. Enough said! So I wanted t make a cake that tasted of the Hallowe’en treat but without the chance of breaking my teeth while biting into the Toffee Apple ....more

Gluten Free PeanutButter, Chocolate & Bacon Cookies

I started following a Gluten free diet in 2003 when I found out I was a coeliac. Way back then every ‘treat’ was anything but and tasted like cardboard! I developed this recipe which satisfies my craving for PeanutButter, Chocolate & Bacon! ...more

Coca-Cola Chocolate Cupcakes

These festive and decadent Coca-Cola Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream will become a new holiday and winter favorite. See it HERE! Coca-Cola Chocolate Cupcakes submitted by Grandbaby Cakes The post Coca-Cola Chocolate Cupcakes appeared first on i am baker ....more