Baking, Thinking & Praying for Thursday, January 22, 2015 Baking CAKE! ...more

skinny chocolate raspberry cake

I will only eat a skinny cake if it tastes like it is a fat cake. Because if I am eating cake, I want a good cake. ...more


Baking, Thinking & Praying for Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Ignore (or try to) the weird hair sticking out of my ear. ...more

peanut butter brownie caramelitas

Not really sure I can call these carmelita’s, but if not I am hoping the carmelita police is busy pursuing other more serious offenders. I kinda love the name ‘brownie carmelita’ and want to keep it so please don’t tell me if it is completely being used out of context. But you can see why right? ...more


Baking, Thinking & Praying for Saturday January 17th, 2015 Loving being here at BASH conference! ...more

old fashioned monster cookies

These Old Fashioned Monster Cookie recipe is inspired by a love of eating. I wish I had some awesome story about how my grandma made them in 1942, but yeah. It was just me tinkering away in my kitchen and putting together what I envisioned an old fashioned cookie would be like ....more


Baking, Thinking & Praying for Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 Speaking at a function in Edina on Thursday, more info HERE. Friday I head to Arizona for BASH Conference, I am so excited to get a few hours on sun. ...more

skinny chocolate cake

This cake. I am sorta kinda totally obsessed with it. It’s fabulous for so many reasons! ...more

banana muffins with vanilla glaze

On a dark and bitterly cold morning, where the only light that filters through the darkness is the soft blue light of an auto-set...more

Lemon Cheesecake Braid

This braid was inspired by the winter doldrums! I was feeling gray and cold and decided a little lemon and a little cheesecake were needed to brighten my life. And boy did it ever! ...more