how to dominate after school snacks

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candy corn scotcharoo bars

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Better Homes & Gardens Exclusive Event {and chocolate meringue pie of course}

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daddy’s girl

They didn’t know I was there. Watching them. ...more

amazing zucchini crisp {faux apple crisp}

After posting a picture of this dessert on Instagram, my friend Kate commented, “I’m conflicted….I want you to bake me something awesome but I am skeered you’ll pack it with your zucchini!! #whoamikidding #eatallthethings”. My advice to Kate? ...more

brownie cookie dough pie

Stop judging me. Ok, nevermind. ...more

Zucchini Banana Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

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gluten free fudgy brownies

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Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies on a Stick

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how to store sugar

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