minnesota sunrise

I have been in a deep state of sadness. I mean, not a deep state. More like sad ....more

How to Pipe a Buttercream Daisy

I am in buttercream daisy overload. Learning how to pipe daisy’s from buttercream is not as easy as I would have thought! I started a couple weeks ago by making a buttercream peony ....more

Rainbow Cookie Cake

One of the fondest memories of our youth is birthdays. More specifically, the very special birthday cake that mom made for you. One thing I can remember very fondly from my childhood is Rainbow Chip frosting on my yellow cake ....more

a sign of love

I was standing in my bathroom looking out the window. It’s funny, but when I think about this moment, that’s all I can remember. I wasn’t brushing my teeth or combing my hair, just standing there ....more

How to Pipe a Buttercream Peony

Peony’s are definitely one of my favorite flowers! It’s a close race between hydrangea and peony, but usually peony wins. I think it’s because they offer up so much variation and color and style ....more

chocolate cookie dough sandwich cookies

There is just something so exciting about cookie dough. Paired with deep, rich chocolate and you are basically in cookie dough lovers heaven! I was having a craving the other day which is so weird for me! ...more

coop update

We are pluggin away at the Chicken Palace. Some folks may technically refer to it as a coop, but I like to think of it as a palace. Then I can talk about the palace on our property ....more

Spring Layer Cake with Pink Buttercream Flowers

I still love getting magazines. I know they are supposedly not as popular now that everything is available online, but I love thumbing through a magazine with a cup of good coffee and a comfortable sofa. One of my favorite magazines to get in the mail is HGTV Magazine ....more

why does a child need a mother?

Why does a child need a mother? ...more

the other side of fear

I felt something funny. It wasn’t weird funny, just felt like something that was a bit abnormal. Almost like a patch of dry skin or a healing wound ....more