Baking, Thinking, and Praying for Friday, April 17th, 2015 Big shout out to Avery and Ally. You girls are a sweet blessing! Think I can make these into a cupcake? ...more

double chocolate loaf cake

Making cake into a loaf is a form of mind trickery for me. I have always associated a ‘loaf’ as somewhat healthy, not awesomely...more

cake, home, and homestead {a giveaway}

Every now and then I read a book then realize that everyone needs to read that book right now. It is so life-changing or beautiful or helpful or awesome that I can’t recommend it high enough. Well ....more

Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix

Life is all about transitions, right? We grow and learn and make better choices when we know better. At least, that’s the hope ....more

crumb coats, tables, and video

there are few things in this life that give me more joy… than a decent crumb coat or a clean table. As every...more


Baking, Thinking, & Praying for Thursday April 9th, 2015 Talking about this post. Loving this beautiful recipe and thankful for the friendship sweet Alice so generously gives. Absolutely loving the newly designed website of sweety pie Aimee ....more

white as snow

It was one of the rare occasions that I get to the grocery store by myself. I mean, not nearly as rare as it used to be, as now I will make sure that I go either alone or with one child. It just works better that way ....more

strawberry crumb bars in a skillet

The grocery store has packs of strawberries for $1.99. Granted, they are not organic and strawberries are most definitely on the Dirty Dozen, but I stocked...more


I can’t start my day without coffee. I think about it late and night and savor the whole process of preparing my first cup of the day. It’s a morning ritual that brings comfort, peace, and of course a jolt of energy! ...more

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Did you have a favorite treat from the ice cream man? Whenever I would hear that music playing in our neighborhood I would start to dream of just one thing. Orange creamsicle ....more