coupons my way

Brought to you by myself and Have you heard of Extreme Couponing? ...more

Logo Surprise-Inside Cake

I have been partnering with McCormick for a few years now. It is a match made in heaven! I get to use amazing quality products and share delicious and creative recipes and they… um… they… well ....more

my husband went away and I have never been happier

If you know me at all, that title probably doesn’t make much sense does it? Let me explain. I married an outdoorsy guy ....more

great news from craftsy!

Every now and then I have to pinch myself. ...more

pumpkin rose cookies

Making things into roses is kinda my thing. ...more

happy birthday! {naked cake}

Did you know that September 16th is the most popular birthday?? ...more

homemade spice cake mix

The Homemade Yellow Cake Mix, White Cake Mix and Homemade Brownie Mix on my site are so popular, I deciding that...more

how to dominate after school snacks

Did you know that I have been a homeschooling mom for the last 4 years? It was great! Well, kinda great ....more

candy corn scotcharoo bars

Check out my Candy Corn Peanut Butter Scootcheroo Bars! ...more

Better Homes & Gardens Exclusive Event {and chocolate meringue pie of course}

I cannot tell a lie, sometimes it is pretty darn cool to be a food blogger. I was recently told about a ridiculously cool experience that Better Homes and...more