Flight Experience

This past week I took 5 flights in 5 days. I hate flying but it had to be done so I figured it would be a good chance to check out airlines and decide which I liked best. After all, I was flying three different airlines. The first flight was uneventful. From Oakland to Ontario airport (LA) on Southwest. I had A28 to board, but it did me nothing because I was in conversation with someone at the bar while drinking a bloody mary and was not worried about what seat I would get. Anyway, very uneventful. ...more

Can't believe it could happen to me

So I've been contemplating all day and trying to think of ways to make me feel better and decided why not write it out and tell a story.  why the hell not.. I haven't blogged in awhile :-) ...more

The Lack of a Debate

I joined BlogHer a few months back and the one thing I notice is the blog and people LOVE election season. Either that or no one else can find anything to write about. You go to blogher.com and it's a bunch of people's opinions on either Obama or McCain. But how does no one see that they are not talking about anything??!? Let me back up real quick... ...more

Listen Up Cubs Fans - Lou Piniella's Message

Lou Piniella had a message this morning and said it again today when interviewed after the Cubs won the NL Central with a win against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. He simply said to remain calm, to not focus on the past and the heartbreaks, but this 2008 team that just won the division. And to remind us there is a long road ahead but just let this team play baseball.   ...more

Men totally suffer from PMS too - sometimes worse!

I was joking today with a female co-worker about how men have PMS and sometimes even worse than women!  She laughed but I got to thinking, but it's really true!  I used to date this guy and his mood would always go up and down right around the full moon.  I wouldn't even have to check a paper.  His mood would go sour, and I knew the moon was bright and full in the night sky.  He isn't the only one either.  I've known many guys who are normally happy and upbeat who turn into non-social, depressed and quiet.  It's almost always monthly but I've seen even weekly and daily - although dai ...more

 You know, I could not agreed with you more. I'm a guy and I suffered from PMS. I was once ...more

Out of my Comfort Zone

I used to plan snowboarding trips when I was in college and would go at least once, if not multiple times, a month. I remember one specific trip my second season where I had really started to feel comfortable and could really carve and enjoy the ride. And on that trip, I got into the big 15 passenger van, in the passenger seat, after the long day and my friend and partner in planning, Tommy, looked at me and asked, "how was your day?". I looked at him and smiled and replied, "it was great - I didn't fall once!". ...more

but every so often I find a groove (um, rut) that feels ...more

Excited for Halloween and it's only August

Yesterday I went into Longs and all of the Halloween decorations were out and I couldn't help but get excited.  And then I had a gut check - wait - it's August.  But I don't care.  In the past week I have gotten so excited that fall is right around the corner.  Leaves changing, cooler weather, halloween decorations, pumpkins, apple cider, candy :-)  I love this time of year.  I love summer as well but I think I'm ready for this heat to end. ...more

Chicago Cubs and Law of Attraction

Some people might think I'm going far out there on this one, but I those who know me, know about my beliefs in Law of Attraction.  I've been practicing Law of Attraction for many years now and strongly believe that what we believe in, is what we attract back.  Simply put, like attracts like.  If we are focusing on the positive, we will get more positive.  If we focus on the negative, we get more negative back.  "When it rains, it pours". ...more

Is this the Year - Part Two - Tornados

On Sunday August 3, I wrote a blog on here titled "Is this the year?" Some people felt like I am jinxing it. Trust me, I have always been the one who is the first to say "don't say it!" or don't even mention the billy goat or Bartman. but I can't describe it. Something in my blood just feels it - and it's not because this was the first year I finally went to Wrigley Field and fulfilled my life long dream of finally seeing the place in person that I've watched on t.v. my entire life.   ...more

How has no one told me about The Two Coreys yet?

I watched my first episode of The Two Coreys tonight - after I found out the show is cancelled. How did no one tell me of this show??! I love 80s movies, I love the Two Coreys (License to Drive is one of my all-time favorites) and I love reality shows.  This show has me cracking up.  I know they are playing "parts" a bit but the two of them should have had a reality show years ago.  and it's sad that more people didn't jump on this bandwagon yet. ...more