Wisdom From Divorce: Does Life Get Easier When Your Ex Is Dating?

Learning that your ex is dating can bring a flood of emotions and for some, life gets easier: He actually started dating someone who was another parent at our school and our children are friends. A lot of people want that to be a big drama but I noticed a change in his behavior towards me instantly. I didn’t want him back so all I could do was just say, “I’m really happy for you.” And I was happy for him ....more

Co-Parenting is Just Business As Usual

How do you make it work for the benefit of your kids? ...more

Creating A Parenting Plan That Works Is Difficult

Anyone who’s been required to have a written parenting plan as part of their divorce knows that creating a parenting plan that works is...more

How To Make Living In Two Homes Work For Your Children

While some parents do adopt a nesting arrangement so their children stay in a single home, the children of most divorced parents end up rotating between their parents. So the big question becomes how to make living in two homes work for your children. My current guest, David has been separated now for over seven years so he’s had quite a bit of practice at making two homes work for his three children ....more

How Do I Stay An Involved Father After Divorce?

Divorce for most parents means seeing less of your child and that physical time apart may have you questioning how you can stay an involved father after divorce. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new guest, David. He was married for twelve and half years and has been divorced now for about seven years ....more

Wisdom From Divorce: Children Feel The Pre-Divorce Tension

Divorce doesn’t come as relief only to adults. Children also feel the pre-divorce tension even in marriages where the conflict is not open. It was such a relief because there was so much tension and distance between them ....more

Leaving the Marital Home

How did you create your own space after divorce? ...more

Hungry For Change – How Self-Love Can Give You A Better Post-Divorce Body

By Joelle I watched a documentary last weekend called Hungry for Change, about the poor state of nutrition in our country. Even though it was a film about food, it was also a look at the human body/mind connection, and how easy it is to fall into a vicious cycle of self-loathing that only makes our struggle worse. In times of stress, like divorce, people often gain weight, and are prone to numerous other health problems ....more

5 Things Not to Include on Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating provides great opportunities for those looking for a relationship, but there are some things not to include on your online dating profile. Online dating is an exciting opportunity to show off your personality before meeting people in person, but the strength of your profile is a major predictor of your success. You likely have less than ten seconds to create that lasting first impression ....more

What Happens To My Health Insurance After Divorce?

If you have health coverage through your STBX’s employer then high on your list of priorities is understanding what happens to your health insurance after divorce and how you can get coverage. What happens to your health insurance after divorce? It’s best to start researching this as soon as you know you’re getting divorced because while you definitely won’t be eligible for coverage at the next enrollment period under your STBX’s employer’s plan once you’re legally divorced, the timing of when you would lose coverage is fuzzy ....more