Summer Reading: Divorce In Classic Literature

Guest Post by Battrick Clark Solicitors Divorce has a long history in literature. Anyone browsing Amazon for summer reading would be forgiven for thinking that divorce is some sort of recent fad in literature. There’s an ever-blurring line between ‘divorce fiction’ and self-help writing, and many authors are using the novel form as a way of exploring the complex cocktail of emotions that divorce entails ....more

Podcast: Should You Forgive Your Ex’s Child Support Arrears?

Would you forgive your ex’s child support arrears? How consistent is your ex in making their child support payments? Is your ex behind in their payments?...more

Are You Scared Divorce Means Not Being A Mother?

Divorce doesn’t have to mean not becoming a mother A stunning 80 percent of divorces in the U.S. involve women who are under the age of thirty. Many of them have not had children and the end of their marriage means facing the possibility that divorce means never having children. You could be scared divorce means not being a mother ....more

Podcast: Who Will Get Custody Of The Family Dog?

Will you miss your daily walks with your dog? Are you wondering who will get custody of the family dog in your divorce? You’re not alone ....more

5 Ways Your Engagement Ring Could Make You Happy After Divorce

Sponsored post by Farewell Diamond What will you do with your engagement ring? You can usually spot an engagement ring from a distance. They have a certain look to them and that look doesn’t magically go away when the marriage ends ....more

Podcast: Shared Parenting After Divorce – Is 50/50 Parenting Fair?

Is 50/50 parenting fair? Getting divorced with minor children usually means shared parenting. These days, the negotiations focus more and more around a 50/50 split ....more

How To Survive With Your Alcoholic Spouse In Recovery

Having your spouse admit their drinking problem is a significant milestone; having them commit to recovery is another. While it may have taken months or years to get to this point, realistically it’s going to be another eighteen months, two years before you can do any sort of meaningful work on your relationship. That begs the question, how will you survive your alcoholic...more

Is There An Easy Way To Divide Up Your Personal Assets In Divorce?

Are you ready to divide up your personal possessions? Is there an easy way to divide up your personal assets in divorce? Unless you’re willing to walk away from everything, probably not ....more

Does Your Spouse’s Drinking Problem Mean Divorce?

Knowing how much your spouse drinks, even feeling that they drink too much, is not the same as seeing your spouse’s drinking as a problem. Once you do recognize that the alcohol is interfering with your relationship, you’ll inevitably wonder could your spouse’s drinking problem mean divorce. That can create a moral or ethical dilemma because when you got married you may have promised that it was in sickness and in health ....more