How To Have A Good Divorce

The phrase “a good divorce” sounds like an oxymoron. It doesn’t seem possible. The word “divorce” comes laden with negativity, fear and judgement ....more

How To Handle The Most Common Parenting Problems After Divorce

How our children cope with divorce is front and foremost for many parents. None of us want our children to be harmed by the end of our marriage and their well-being can be a major influence on the timing of divorce. I’m a big believer that children can absolutely thrive after divorce ....more

What Do You Know About Forgiveness After Divorce?

No one comes through divorce without feeling pain and hurt. That’s as true for people who initiate the divorce as it is for people whose spouse made the decision. That pain and hurt could be caused by our spouse, by a third party (and that’s not limited to infidelity) and we can cause it ourselves ....more

Worthy’s Single Mom Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re like me, you still have gift shopping to do so I wanted to share this Gift Guide for single mom’s from I love the ideas in this guide … of course, I’m a little biased because Worthy asked me for my suggestions. In addition to my suggestions, there are wonderful recommendations from...more

How To Know It’s Time To End Your Marriage

We all know that relationships need nurturing to make them last but how do you know you’ve reached the point when no amount of care will make the relationship right? When is enough, enough? ...more

How To Love The Holidays…Even During Divorce

For many of us, the holidays can feel dark, lonely, and stressful—especially if we are going through or recovering from divorce. And instead of looking forward to the beautiful decorations, the smell of baking pies, and holiday songs on the radio, we instead may feel triggered by sadness. Moving on from divorce does not mean that we cannot enjoy the holidays ....more

5 Things You Need To Know About Taxes BEFORE You Divorce

Few people relish the thought of dealing with tax issues but there are five things you need to know about taxes BEFORE you divorce. These are some very basic, elementary issues that affect most of us and yet people, especially those people who are trying to do their own divorce without attorneys, often don’t think about these issues ahead of time and then just accept the boilerplate language or worse, don’t address these issues in their divorce agreement. Neglecting these issues will almost certainly necessitate more negotiations in the future with your ex and could lead to scrutiny from the IRS and no one wants that! ...more

What Happens To The Family Pets In Divorce

Children and money are not the only things people argue about in divorce. Pets, especially dogs, are often center stage and that means pet-owners should not make assumptions about what happens to the family pets in divorce. Unfortunately for some people, this is not about the pet ....more

How To Be Smart About Dividing Your Household Items In Divorce

One thing that every couple who gets divorced has to do, is decide how to divide all the household items. That’s the furniture, the stuff in the garage, your hobby items, the kids’ toys… you name it, it all has to be divided except that most of it can’t just be cut in half and even if it could, you’d likely end up with a bunch of stuff you had no interest in. For some people, this is easy ....more

How To Save Money On The Legal Costs Of Your Divorce

Saving money on the legal costs of your divorce is something most people would love to do. Not spending money on legal advice is one way to do that but as the British would say, that’s being penny wise, pound foolish. Most people would benefit from at least some legal help even if it’s one-time consultation on a specific issue ....more