How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Divorce

Guest post by Muna Saleem Going through a divorce is a tricky and complicated process that is compounded by the strong emotions and stresses that each party invariably brings to the table. But the mental health effects of a divorce go on long after the legal process has ended so it’s important to know how to take care of your mental health during divorce. Are you taking care of yourself during your divorce? ...more

What You Need To Know About A Legal Separation

If divorce is not an option, a legal separation may be the answer Even though your marriage may be deeply troubled and being with your spouse has become a living hell, divorce may not be in your vocabulary. There is however another option that may work for you: a legal separation. Here’s what you need to know about legal separations ....more

Do You Want To Avoid The Pain Of Divorce?

I recently attended my daughter’s college graduation where Shreve Stockton, author of The Daily Coyote...more

Podcast: How Do You Tell Your Children About Your Divorce?

Telling your children that your marriage is over is a conversation most of us dread. Do it well and in years to come they likely won’t remember the details; do it badly will make it a defining moment. So how do you tell your children about your divorce? ...more

Need To Save Money After Divorce? Shopami Will Help

Sponsored Post on behalf of Shopami For the majority of us, there is always less money after the end of a marriage and that means adjusting your lifestyle to your new budget. The reality is you’ll need to save money after divorce and the new, free Shopami app will help you do that. Have you ever: been to a store and realized the coupon you had is sitting at home on your printer? ...more

Podcast: What You Need To Do To Be In Charge Of Your Divorce

Are you in the dark about your divorce? Regardless of whether it’s you or your spouse making the decision to get divorced and no matter how much you wish it wasn’t happening to you, the question you need to ask is what you need to do to take the charge of your divorce. While it is tempting to push it away, and let someone else deal with it for you, there is no escape: you’re going to have to cut through the confusion and work through the divorce process ....more

4 Things Every Divorcing Parent Needs To Know About Child Support

Next to spousal support, child support is another highly contentious area of divorce. The disagreements often start in the early of stages of end-of-marriage negotiations and may continue until children are no longer considered minors by the court. Regardless of what horror stories you’ve heard and regardless of what you think about the child support system there are 4 things every divorcing parent needs to know about child support ....more

Podcast: Will You Embrace Your Newly Single Life?

Will you embrace your newly single life? Divorce is a traumatic, painful event that can rock you to your core, shake your self-confidence and make you doubt everything you thought you knew. You’re likely not going to be rushing to embrace your newly single life after divorce ....more

Summer Reading: Divorce In Classic Literature

Guest Post by Battrick Clark Solicitors Divorce has a long history in literature. Anyone browsing Amazon for summer reading would be forgiven for thinking that divorce is some sort of recent fad in literature. There’s an ever-blurring line between ‘divorce fiction’ and self-help writing, and many authors are using the novel form as a way of exploring the complex cocktail of emotions that divorce entails ....more

Podcast: Should You Forgive Your Ex’s Child Support Arrears?

Would you forgive your ex’s child support arrears? How consistent is your ex in making their child support payments? Is your ex behind in their payments?...more