How To Overcome The Time Investment Myth of Marriage

Guest post by Martha Bodyfelt Is the time you’ve invested in your marriage stopping you from leaving? “I have put too much time into this marriage for it to end.” “If we split, all those years together will be a waste and will mean nothing.” I remember telling myself the lie that sounds like truth to so many of us when we are hurting, agonizing over the end of our marriage. It was a long and miserable December ....more

How To Manage Your Holiday Spending After Divorce

… And Still Have Fun Who hasn’t wished they could suddenly win the lottery and have so much money they could buy and do what they wanted without having to worry about sticking to a budget or getting into debt? Well … the Holidays are here and you probably have a list of gifts to buy, events to go to, some travel and some festive outfits to buy. Your expenses are increasing but your income isn’t ....more

11 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays After Divorce

Are you starting new traditions this Holiday season? It’s early November and you’ve probably already started thinking about the Holidays. If this is the first year since your divorce or separation, you may not be feeling much like celebrating ....more

How To Survive The Grief From Your Divorce

Are you grieving the loss of your marriage? It’s well understood that grief comes with loss and that loss is a normal part of life. Yet, as a society and individually, we often overlook the grief that comes with divorce ....more

How To Win At Parent Teacher Conferences After Divorce

Keep the focus of Parent Teacher conferences on your child Your child may not realize it but meetings with their teachers at school are stressful events for parents. Sometimes they go great, sometimes they go bad and sometimes you might wonder whose child was being discussed. And the challenges often increase when you and your spouse are no longer living under the same roof ....more

Podcast: How To Rebuild Trust After Divorce

How do you learn to trust again after divorce? Newly divorced people often say, “I’ll never trust my ex again,” or even “I’ll never trust a man/woman again.” That sentiment is not surprising given the pain and hurt that comes with many divorces but trust is a cornerstone of healthy relationships and a vital part of connecting with others. Learning how to rebuild trust after divorce is a critical part of healing and recovery ....more

Podcast: How To Manage Back-To-School Expenses

Back-to-school can mean a flood of expenses but you can manage this by being money-smart. Summer’s coming to an end, the vacations are over and kids are headed back to school. That usually means a flood of expenses that can strain any single parent’s budget ....more

A Guide To Divorce For Parents

A challenge for many parents after divorce is that there isn’t one parents’ guide to divorce that covers it all. In my opinion, there never will be. It’s simply not possible ....more

Podcast: How To Overcome Your Fears About Divorce

Are you letting fears about divorce drive your decisions? Divorce may be seen with hindsight as one of life’s great self-growth adventures but nobody volunteers for the experience. Even the thought of it is enough to keep many people away and for others, it brings a flood of dread and anguish rooted in fear ....more

Podcast: Would An Attorney-Free Divorce Work For You?

Could you get divorced without using attorneys? Getting divorced is an expensive business. Even for a pretty simple, co-operative divorce retaining an attorney to represent you can mean spending $10,000 – $15,000 ....more