Book Review:Blood Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton

When I first heard of Blood Bones & ...more

This is the second Rec I've read today. Gotta get it. Thxmore

Bistecca Alla Pizzaiola Recipe

I have not had Steak Pizzaiola since my grandparents were alive, and I have never made it myself. We buy a 1/2 beef from my sis-in-law each year so I am always looking for stuff to make with beef; especially the roasts, and tenderized round steaks. So I thought why not make this. The beauty about learning to cook by watching your ancestors, especially Italian ancestors, is that you did have to pay attention and make it a bonding experience because nothing was ever measured or written down, it was all to “taste”! ...more

Weeknight Cooking:Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers

One thing I love more than anything about Italian cooking, in particular Southern Italian cooking is the simplicity. So many dishes I learned growing up only contain a few ingredients but have big flavor. One of my favorites is Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers; I am pretty sure I have been eating this dish since I got teeth. This dish has few ingredients, is tasty, and smells absolutely divine. It’s so easy even my in-laws in Wyoming make it because its simply and it contains ingredients they have no problem finding. ...more

Bacco Boulder Restaurant Review

If you love mozzerella like I do this place is worth checking out!

Tuscan Inspired Bison Stew

I love Bison meat and it is becoming more popular for its wonderful taste and slightly leaner meat than beef....more