What Happens When My Kids Get Bored!!!!

What my kids do when they are Bored!!!!...more

March, March, March

March March March March(This is a post from March2012)...more

A is for Aspergers

A is for Aspergers...more

Stop & Smell the Flowers

Stop and Smell the Flowers...more

Asperger Melt down

Asperger Melt down Today while we were at Mahala's practice Kaden had the Biggest melt down ever....more

Aspergers in the Saddle

Aspergers in the SaddleToday we are going horse back riding for the 2nd time.  Kaden loves it!!!  Here he is riding for the 1st time.  Normally he has so much anxiety around other people.  And in the begging he was scared hidden behind me.  But, there is something about animals that soothes him.  He seems to focus more and is more willing to take direction or try something new.  Maybe I should keep a horse i the house.  HAHAHAHA...more