After few months of my marriage my parents suddenly grew older. The reason could not be understood. It is obvious that old age in itself is biggest illness but in case of my parents age cannot be blamed totally. Mom developed a heart problem and my father suffered from slight effect on memory. Me, my brother and sisters being quite far from them, arranged the best doctors in the city for parents, but were not able to come to them immediately. ...more

Feeling are few tips to overcome it.

Since last few days I was not able to compose anything. It was not that I was too busy with other things but simply because I couldn't find interest in anything. Tried a lot to find the reason but then finally stopped bothering about it. As I was not able to write something interesting so got indulged in reading as it is also one of my favorite hobbies. I came across various articles and came to know that there exists a practical reason for my lack of interest. ...more

Life is a Big Source of Inspiration

When people stopped me, I leaned courage. When people encouraged me, I learned to love. When people pulled me, I learned to resist. When people appreciated me, I learned thankfulness.     When people criticized me, I learned success. ...more

Thanks for reminding me of all life has to offer! more