Lemon Cake with Mango Curd Filling and Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Spring is round the corner…yes, very much....more

A Spring B'day for my buddy!

It's a beautiful day today. Yes, a lovely 78F as I write this, no not fooling ya (as it's April Fool's day too today) and I'm just so blogging happy about that :-) We went for a lovely walk in the evening and Appu happily exclaimed "Mummy, you are not wearing jacket!!" I just love days like this and can't wait for more jacketless days.I just took an unexpected break from blogging the entire past month for no particular reason, but I have to say the extra 'me' time felt very good....March flew by in a blink and trust me so will April.As always March 29th turned out be a a very special and beautiful day, hubby darling turned a year older and it's been 3 glorious years in our lovely home. I baked and decorated a spring themed cake for hubby dear and planned for a fun potluck with our closest friends.Climate-wise it was a bit cold so couldn't plan any outdoor activities, so we enjoyed indoors with the warm company of our friends, awesome food, wine and a fruity colorful cake ....more

Let it Go....a Frozen themed Queen Elsa Doll Cake

I’m super excited about the cake I’m sharing with you all today. I have always wanted to do a doll cake....more

Cocktatil Idli Hearts with Coconut Chutney Shots | V-day special for Anokhi Media

Valentines Day is one of my favorite times of the year. I have always made it a point to celebrate it either by...more

Tomato Rice - a one pot meal!

There’s nothing as comforting as a one-pot meal on busy weekdays or on lazy weekends. Infact if I had it my entirely my way I would have only cooked one-pot meals all the time and be done with my cooking. But sometimes the husband doesn’t prefer that and wants his rice separate, curry and thoran and blah blah all separate…oh! ...more

Goan Shrimp Curry....a recipe feature for Anokhi Media

Who doesn't enjoy a good plate of rice with some warm and mildly spiced seafood dish. My family just loves seafood. It's always on our weekend special menu ;-) Our most favorite ones are those cooked with some coconut based gravy ....more

Jungle Animals themed Cake

I'm so excited to share my first cake this New Year....a super fun, extremely cute and bright Jungle Animals themed tiered cake. Ridhaan's mom is my very good friend and she had asked me to do his birthday cake many months before. Although I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it (due to some other matters) I finally decided to go ahead ....more

Sukhiyan, sweet lentil fritters....a Kerala special snack!

When I think of Sukhiyan I remember Sreeja ammayi's mom. Vanaja aunty is always called as Shasthamangalathile aunty, she is so often called that that I sometimes have no clue what her real name is ;-) Shashthamangalam is a place in Trivandrum, Kerala and Vanaja aunty lives there with her husband....more

Baked Turkey Meatballs in a Berry BBQ Sauce

Welcome to the first post this New Year. I'm not much into making resolutions, but I make plans/goals (well a somber resolution I guess ;-) ). Just few small plans of what I should achieve or what my family should achieve in the new year and generally try to achieve atleast those goals ....more

My Cake journey in 2014

I wanted to make sure I do a last post for the year, so though I...more