Here's Looking at You!antibiotic ointment

I have a few hours respite before I have to ointment up my eye to make sure no infection gets in it.I took the patch off a little while ago, as it’s getting close to the time it was due to come off, but the humidity was making things just a little too much. It was really a culture shock, of sorts, to have the eye open up again. It was as if my left eye got a little stronger because it had to operate solo.Now the two are working together again, although I have to admit it still feels a little weird....more

When the Cat's Away

Our instructor for our Flip Fitness class is on vacation for two weeks.Whoo-hoo…well, because she gets to have vacation, naturally.We had Jessica as our instructor tonight and it really was funny. Our instructor Jackie is infamous for not liking odd numbers of repetition for exercises. She tens to make us do ten and then tries to slip more in, We imagined her at her shore hang out, and we joked that we were sending vibes down to her every time we changed the count amount.**Don’t tell her, but we did actually do ten most of the time, but she doesn’t have to know that**....more

PT tying me up in knots

I had physical therapy again today and it is getting rough.Evidently,there’s a point of strengthening your muscle and then we are to the point where we have been working this week-control of my hip muscles.Ouch....more

Daily Public Transit: The Good, Bad and Ugly

I am climbing on my soapbox again to talk about my daily commute.Back in my prior life, when we lived two blocks away from the train station, life was sunny. A nice morning train, a brisk walk to work;in short, no worries.Then our house sold and we moved two miles further from the train.There lies the rub: the bus....more

Shingleman is now Compostman

If you remember in a previous post, the former Shingleman, Jim, now known as Compostman, has gotten into organic gardening. I, for one, am shocked at the degree that plants are coming up in the grow station where he planted them. Perhaps it is the compost,I don’t know. We have tomato plants, pepper plants, peas, beans, kale and other things planted there....more

A Laughing Good Time

There weren’t that many of us in our Flip Fitness class tonight, but we still had a blast....more

The Summer of George

The summer of George was a product of the Seinfeld series. His fiancée dies and he is going to have the time of his life that summer, doing whatever he intends to do. I believe a hunk of cheese eating while in boxers was also involved.This is not the summer of George that I am referring to.I am writing about Prince George of Cambridge, who is celebrating his first birthday today....more

Blech, blech...complaining again...

In the office today getting ready to see the physical therapist again.With my leg. The leg that wasn’t hurting me until this past Monday, AFTER I finished physical therapy.I went to my flip fitness class last night and what a difference when you gently do something and when you did 10-20 repetitions of something that wasn’t that strong to begin with. I am hobbling around and am getting bummed out.I am walking like I need a knee replacement…oh yeah, I had two already....more

Transportation cocoon

We had a little stretch of weather the past two days....more

Maybe the right bones connected....

…well, you know the rest of that old song.I had physical therapy yesterday and was pretty excited. I got to officially go on the stationary bike for 10 minutes and learned a few more exercises. I was sore but felt good.Until this morning....more