Flip side of the day

Once again, the morning reminded me why I am retiring.Suffice it to say I won’t be teary-eyed about leaving the local transportation systems and some of the riders on it.Coming home was a different story.While we were down at Undisclosed over the weekend, my neighborhood was busy.Below are a few new shots of Christmas light shots I took while coming home off the bus.Enjoy!...more


One of the things I’ll miss about living at our current spot is a tree.In front of the house, there is a Japanese maple.Nice and cooling in the summer, and vibrant in color now, we have had many memories of that tree....more


So anyone who has moved at all during their life knows the stress of moving. As many times as I would move, and I would pray I’d never have to do it again.No, the stress with moving is a walk in the park: try tying in the art of wrapping up your entire life in retirement and moving from an urban area to a place where I stand out on our deck at night and I hear crickets or birds and night sounds you’d never know exist in the city. We have come to the point where are in the home stretch and the anxiety is overwhelming....more


We had a good visit this weekend with our buddies Juls and Tim and today we went for a beach walk....more

Loosening up the knots

I had really rough back pain this week, and then when the orthopedic physician said about arthritis working in the equation, well, the pain in the head worrying about it was almost matching the pain in my lower back.I forgot one thing. Flip fitness class....more


It’s been that kind of day.To top it off, I came home and Zush is hurting again.The yelp is back, albeit it very sporadic.The Zusher needs to be monitored constantly. Unfortunately, I have to be at work and Jim is busy during the day.When I left her this morning there was no yelp. This afternoon, I cam through the door and it’s almost being back at square 3.She isn’t constantly yelping. I wish she wasn’t yelping, period....more

To Paraphrase Seinfeld's George

The expressway was angry that day.Well, not actually the expressway.I left work at 5PM.Where my bus would take the exit, there was a major back-up on the expressway because the accident closed the main road up to my current homestead.Fortunately,my nephew Greg was there to save the day....more

Living out of a Suitcase, sort of, Part Deux

 So, gentle reader, I was true to my word....more

Living out of a suitcase...sort of ....

Our home of twelve years was sold last June.I’m not due to retire until this coming January, God willing.I’m living at my late parent’s house. it is truly transitional housing.What does this spell?My handbag is my life....more


Do you realize how much stuff we buy due to marketing?I did a marketing study tonight for one hour. It was for Keuring Kcups.Now, because I am married to Compostman, I, when a Kcup is used, rip the top off and take the coffee out.I add the coffee to the compost....more