Trying to be a mom when I'm not...

I have to confess that attempting to raise a child that is not your own can be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish daily. My boyfriend has an 8 year old daughter and while I love her to death and would do anything for her, I find it incredibly hard to be an authoritative figure towards her. And to be completely honest, it stresses me out!! I had said before that I would never date someone who had a child because it would just be too much to deal with....more

What if Women were ruling the world?

What if women were ruling America? How would things be different? I can't help but think that there would not be such a need for war. Acts of terrorism would not be fought with counter-terrorism. Violence creates more violence in the world today. When an act of terrorism has been committed, immediate reactions of how to retaliate are considered. But is this just a male thing? Women are naturally more nurturing, caring and loving than men. They find empathy and sympathy in situations where men just breed anger and hatred....more

I am Woman... Hear me Roar :)

I experienced something for the first time recently. I have heard several stories about encounters in which women in the work place were not given a fair chance. Either they were not seriously considered for a job opportunity, they were sexually harrassed, they were not trusted to handle a project, etc. The list could really go on forever. But I had still never experienced something like this for myself. I work in a big factory in a somewhat small town. The factory has warehouses and buildings in various states, with the main headquarters being in Wisconsin....more

Juggling it all...

I cannot say I am in this situation myself, but I find the women who are single mothers that work and raise their child(ren) on their own to be incredibly courageous. Regardless of how a woman became a single mother, having the strength to work full time as well as be a full-time mother is such an encouragement to young mothers out there....more

The Other Side of War

In light of recent events such as the violence occurring in Israel and many other smaller countries, it is easy to wonder about this other side of war. The side that is often overlooked and/or disregarded as impoartant. In reality, the other side is often the foundation and backbone of what keeps a family going, as well as what enables a family to rebuild. Of course I am talking about the women....more

Do women still face oppression?

I wanted to change it up a bit from my lasts posts about physical/emotional abuse that women endure in relationships with their significant others. But, I still wanted to focus on women's issues....more


Several times a day I find myself thanking God for giving me the strength to get out of my last relationship. I often have little reminders of how good I have it now. The thing about staying in an emotionally/physically abusive relationship is, it has this suffocating control over you. You don't realize what it's doing to you. Slowly, but surely, the invisible cloud hovering over the relationship sucks the life out of you. Everything about you changes, and for the bad. Your family notices, your friends notice, God notices, but the funny thing is, you don't notice....more
My heart goes out to you....I watched as a little child as my mother endured an abusive ...more

Being abused?

This is my first blog ever, so please bare with me! :) I have chosen to write about abuse in relationships. This abuse can either be physical or emotional. Often times women do not realize that what they are going through is actually abuse. We learn to endure it and make excuses for particular actions someone else has done....more
I enjoyed reading your blog as I have been through an emotionally abusive relationship myself.  ...more