First birthday party

Planning Logan’s first birthday party was one of the most fun and crafy activities I have done to date. I began thinking of ideas and bookmarking some ideas I liked around October, and decided on a theme/colors/venue shortly after. We had his party at the Bellaire Nature Discovery Center on a Saturday morning. We were very lucky with perfect weather, as it poured rain and was very cold the next morning. ...more

One, Part 2

This last month has been busy with getting ready to turn one. We have entered toddler territory, with more opinions, more interaction with people, and a lot more clingyness. Logan loves to hold onto things, whether he is supposed to have it or not. Like a phone, sunglasses, toy or trash found on the ground. ...more

One, Part 1

Today, Logan turns the big ONE. No longer a baby, now a toddler. No longer tiny and cuddly and would fall asleep in my arms while drinking a bottle. Now he is starting to run, loves to open and close doors and drawers, and likes to bang on any toy that has a stick. ...more


Happy on the swing. Checking out the dishwasher, we love anything that goes “open close.” ...more

Thoughts on a Friday

1. I saw this link on Facebook and thought it is sooo funny and true. Maybe I will write our own that applies to Logan specifically ....more

Toddler Eats–Finally a Rhythm

For the last few weeks, we have been in a good pattern of me figuring out what Logan likes to eat, and Logan actually eating what I give him with minimal waste. I am still trying new foods, but I have a wider variety of things I know he likes. It makes packing his breakfast and lunch for school easier because I don’t need backups, just snacks, and it makes planning the week easier because I know a few things ...more

Memories from Year 1


Three Things Thursday

1. I read this article (the whole thing) in The New York Times Magazine yesterday. It’s called The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. If you are a foodie like me and also like psychology of why people eat what they do, this is a good story to read ....more

11 Months


Weekly Meal Planning Update

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a new plan I was starting to help me organize and plan for everyone’s meals in our house. Now that Logan is eating three meals plus snacks daily and I don’t have time to think right before dinner about what he might want, I needed to get organized ....more