Dot Day Celebration

Like many other art teachers around the world, my students participated in International Dot Day....more

All About Me Crayon

One of the first projects my first graders made were these “All About Me Crayons”....more

Reach for the Stars – Back to School Bulletin Board

I hope you are enjoying your first few weeks back to school!...more

How to Organize Ribbon for Kids

Don’t you just hate when your ribbons get into a big tangly mess?...more

Cool Hands, Warm Heart (Kindergarten)

I’m still catching up on sharing projects from last year!...more

Dot Day Printable Poster

Print and hang around your school!! If you would like to download the PDF of this poster I made, click on the link below....more

Huge List of Contemporary Artists

Are you looking for some new contemporary artists to teach your students about?...more

A Tour of My Art Room

GUYS! I am SO EXCITED! Our new addition is complete and the physical space of our school has doubled ....more

Welcome Back to School, Art Teachers!

Welcome back to school!...more

Painting on Cloth | 3rd Grade

Painting on cloth gives such nice, soft colors and is a challenging change from painting on paper....more