Overcoming The Self-Doubt Demon

What’s so special about me? I’m not the first person to use the words INSPIRE, ENVISION, CHALLENGE and REINVENT and I certainly won’t be the last. These particular words have been in the dictionary since the mid 1300’s so needless to say they’ve been around....more

Bullies Come In All Shapes And Sizes

I know I must look ridiculous running around my backyard with a small rake in my hand. There’s a mean cat in my backyard. He shows me his claws and hisses at me. He even has the audacity to squish himself under my fence, come across my yard, walk up the stairs to my deck and threaten me, to my face, without a single wink or twitch.I don’t know what to do since I’ve spoken to the neighbors and let’s just say that their comments now fall into an already overflowing list of head scratching moments.Their suggestions:...more

Letting Yourself Be Vulnerable Is A Gift To Yourself

Vulnearbility a gift you ask?  You may be thinking, "me, make myself vulnerable to other people? No, not a chance! That will be my ultimate undoing."Embracingmy vulnerability has been the hardest job I have ever undertaken. I have worked tirelessly and strengously to heal deep and traumatic wounds. Embracing vulnerabily was vital, the real key to harnessing my own power, the kind of power that has led me to a place and a career choice that is  inspiring and fulfilling.  In my work I guide women and help them to show up and be present to their lives....more

A Cure For My Insomnia?

I have suffered with insomnia for decades. Honestly, I have tried nearly every herbal remedy beginning with Chamomile (lame at best), Valerian which smells and tastes like manure (I held my nose and swallowed), Kava, Braca spray and numerous other herbal cocktails. There's been Benadryl, Unisom sleep and lots of Melatonin, all to no avail. I stay open minded to almost anything anyone suggests, much like I did when my son suffered with colic and someone suggested I put salt in his water bottle. When you are desperate you will do just about anything! ...more
@difbutdeterm Yes I have heard of this. And have also heard that there is no real treatment or ...more

Why Can't I Sit Under A Tree And Talk To God?

My husband and I spent this Yom Kippur alone. It was probably the first time in our lives that we have done so. There were many reasons for this—some circumstances, others by choice. Our sons are scattered around the country, my husband’s travel schedule landed him back in town just before Kol Nidre began, we no longer belong to a synagogue and as it turned out, I had the stomach flu....more
@Denise Thank you Denise - I appreciate the read and the comment. Yes, I think you do have a ...more

Surprise, I want a divorce!

It’s an all too common scenario—an epidemic of sorts. Midlife women who seem to wake up one morning and decide they are miserable in their marriages. In weeks, they are off to see an attorney about ending their long-term marriages (I’m referring to the twenty-plus years of marriage, marriages).No, not so fast! It isn’t quite like that although when I hear some people weigh in on it you could easily mistake that for what’s happening....more

Please Don't Ask Me To Apologize For Being An Introvert!

In books I am drawn to the classics, the human plight and the journey for peace and self-acceptance. I love words and gravitate to John Steinbeck and connect somewhat with Saul Bellow’s, protagonist, Henderson, a middle-aged man trying to figure out what he wants. “I want, I want, I want,” he exclaims and sets out on a journey of discovery. I usually need a dictionary to look up all the words I haven’t ever heard before. I’m weird like that because I like not knowing a word and then knowing....more

Bloggers Beware

I am a relative newbie to Blogging and Social Media but I’ve taken to it. Yes, I get some crazy, although never mean (not yet) comments on my blog posts but I enjoy the process of writing, the discipline and the consistency that this form of self-expression requires....more

Being a Mom: How to Hold On and Let Go

After plowing through Organic Chemistry (I know this has something to do with the structure of molecules only after looking it up on Wikipedia) and the likes of other pre-med sciences, my son recently took the MCAT (Medical College Aptitude Test). I watched the clock on my cell the whole time he was taking the exam. I feel no shame....more