Ladies' Night Out

When we were offered the opportunity to read and review Mary Kay Andrews' newest book, Ladies' Night, we pretty much jumped at the opportunity. After all, we're all about our Ladies' Night Out. Reading the book was great fun, and this opportunity gave us the excuse to plan our own "Ladies' Night" for our friends and readers. ...more

Let's Talk Ladies' Night

This is a big year for me and my best girlfriends because it's the one in which we all turn thirty. THIRTY, Y'ALL. That feels so strange, considering that we all met when we were fourteen. Or in the case of me and Shawn, in Mrs. Larkin's kindergarten class. Twenty five years later and we've traded our apple juice for appletinis. ...more

Story Time

It’s Story Time on The Roasted Root! Fancy a song to get us in story mode? Yeah ya do! Readyyyyy, okay! Let’s make a circle, one two three, come on over sit down with me. Let’s make it round and make it fat, let’s make a circle just… like… that! That song may or may not have been copied and pasted directly from my first grade classroom. ...more

My Mini Escape

It’s hard to explain to a non-blogger what it is like when you choose blogging as a profession. An outsider doesn’t understand why you spend every waking moment with a camera or SmartPhone, and how something as minor as a title of a post can make or break your monthly income. So to read a book where the protagonist is a successful Lifestyle Blogger is quite a treat. ...more

Ladies' Night and a Giveaway!

I had the opportunity to read a novel by Mary Kay Andrews called "Ladies' Night". I can't remember the last time I read for pleasure. It's been years actually, so it was such a treat to read something fun again and I really enjoyed it! The book is about a Blogger (how awesome is that!) whose husband cheats on her with her own assistant. ...more

Kids' Bathroom

So the kiddos' bathroom is done...for the most part. The main part is done, but I'm still doing some finishing touches in the bath area and the toilet area. Like I figured, paint was really what it needed. Of course, all the fun stuff comes naturally, but to take the next step and paint completes it. Painting can seem daunting, but the difference it can make is totally worth the time it takes....more

A Soothing Boy Bedroom

Thank goodness Sherwin-Williams sponsored and helped get this bedroom redone! I showed you my Whoops! room... remember? A little bright, if I recall. Thankfully, that photo is all I have left to see of it. It's now calm and much more soothing and perfect for Louis to grow up in....more

Master Bedroom Reveal

My master bedroom makeover is complete, and I'm so in love! My husband is even more in love with me more after I was able to pull off this design on a budget, and I have to admit it was fun working on it with him! Click on over to have a look back at my master bedroom inspiration post. Wow, I would not go back to the dark side...aka, the non-decorated side! The before picture was actually pretty flattering, but I promise you it was a hot mess in real life....more

Our Bedroom Finally Looks Civilized

It's been a long week of home renovations. Per usual, I always grossly underestimate how much time and energy a project will take. We're running on little sleep and too much caffeine right now. But our room? Oh my. It's like we imported it from another house. Hardly recognizable compared to what it was before. Let me just remind you what that looked like......more

Light, Bright, Beautiful

So... let's do a bit of a recap on that last post.  Remember the streaky brown room?  We used the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer tool to make orange walls, but then decided on Superior Paint color 7070 Gray Screen. Well... feast your eyes on the new room.  Oh boy.  it's light and bright and BEAUTIFUL. I'm loving it. For this to give a more open room we had to play around with the furniture... so I first started by moving the future around....more