Marcy climbed Marcy: She was a beast

“And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden” — Crosby, Stills & Nash (Joni Mitchell) Trip report for Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York state, elevation 5,344 feet (climb of 3,121 feet), Aug. 21-23, 2016 Day 1: 3.5 miles from the Garden parking lot to Johns Brook Lodge Day 2: 11 miles to Mt ....more

Feeling Blueberry: Summer Odds and Ends

{Celebrate your courage: Send me a postcard.} Feeling blueberry — “Explored” on Flickr I’m a teacher who’s been off all summer, which means day after day of...more

Wadsworth Falls and the Living is Easy

In response to The Daily Post’s prompt: Carefree Honey, get down off that tree immediately! (But first just look this way and let me take a picture.) What’s the summer if not one jolly stream of “carefree” rolled into a bindle of sweaty tennis clothes and little chores I’d like to do, but maybe tomorrow? The living’s been easy for a month now ....more

Pokemon GO: Go Take a Walk

Maybe you could say that giving teens yet another reason to walk around in a daze with their faces buried in their phones is a bad thing, but so far Pokémon GO strikes me as a cool phenomenon. My college-aged son is entranced, and just in the last 48 hours asked me to go for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood with him — it had been literally years since we’d done that together — explored local historical landmarks during a long walk with his girlfriend, and jumped up from the table with me for a stroll around the mall while we waited for our meals to arrive. He even handed over his precious phone to me on two different occasions during which I managed to catch the little monsters myself ....more

An Empty Nester’s Tour of the American West

My husband and I left our “adult” sons behind while we took our first “empty nest” vacation out to the gorgeous American West. We explored areas in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. We also finished–unsuccessfully–our search for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure that we’d begun during Easter weekend, when we were foiled by three feet of snow ....more

How to Hike Mount Washington When You’re Young and Clueless (in 33 Easy Steps)

In the early days of our marriage, my husband and I would disappear...more

Cantering: As Easy as Falling Off a Horse

Different horse, different course: We followed a trail, and neither the horse nor I had to make a decision. I bounced along in a fast and much too dangerous...more

Appointment at Tooth-Hurty

Her hands are in my mouth, poking, scraping, setting up X-ray cards. I bide my time for a chance to complain. I stare at a spot on the ceiling, bright blue sky, white clouds, pink spring blossoms in the corner of the light box ....more

Dance Like Pachamama’s Watching

A lone woman, burdened by sticks, enters the village square. Soon there’s another … seven … twenty. Their bonfire warms our cheeks, ignites our imaginations ....more

Deleted moments

I love the move to digital photography with its...more