Travel theme: Simplify

When traveling, it’s often the simplest moments that make the most vivid impressions, those little experiences when your senses are immersed in the local culture, and you have time to let it soak in. I love planning adventurous excursions when I travel; equally important, though, is to have plenty of downtime to just wander around or sit and watch the world go by. In Amsterdam, I loved wandering through the streets and looking for Gevelsteens, gable stones that identified certain residences or businesses from before they used street numbers ....more

Waters of Indifference

I trawl through waters of indifference to teach twelve-year-olds of Sirens, but what do they know of longing? Sneaking gum into class, or texts at lockers, they ride the waves of their impulses, but can’t imagine a lure that could destroy them. — #18 of 42 (Gargleblaster page) ...more

JellyPhish Salad

Like jellyfish in a turbulent sea, the crowd follows different trajectories, yet pulsates to the same beat. We ooze our way forward, squeezing through momentary gaps as this mass of jeans and t-shirts expands and contracts. At the stage finally, we dance ....more

When the interviewer gets interviewed

{Read the article: Part 1; Part 2} When you’re a timid introvert, a perk of being a reporter is that you’re never the subject of the story. Fresh out of college, I worked as a reporter for a small town weekly paper. That experience helped me for years ....more

Rich Relations

A day with rich relations loomed across the state. My state: annoyed. They called us slobs and the Addams Family ....more

It watched me like a hawk

Red-tailed hawk I spied a huge hawk and turkey vulture in my backyard. Phone in my pocket, I crept back there for a photo. Hawk tore into the nasty remains of a baby raccoon I had seen it guarding two days earlier ....more

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Play Tennis

Why are we here? (Rhetoric.) Is Prince Hamlet well? (Non sequitur.) Summoned from oblivion, entrapped in a play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern play Questions, trading their tennis shots, sometimes slices, sometimes smashes ....more

Fitbit to be Tied

I was only two or three minutes into David Sedaris’s piece about his love for the Fitbit when I knew I had found it — the new gimmick that would motivate me out of my lethargy and get me moving again. Last year, I had gotten so obsessed with keeping up my streak of walking 10,000 steps a day (for 1,043 days!) that I forced myself to break the streak. Then, my fear that I would instantly become a couch potato again was realized ....more


Little fish circled our feet. “Piranha,” a local man said. We laughed, offending him ....more

Beyond 101 Things: 13th Quarterly Report

13th quarterly report: April – June, 2014 It was a slow spring, but I had a blast with a Gargle Blaster, a bash on the Brooklyn Bridge, and a smash at a charitable tennis tournament. Plus, who wouldn’t want to pull a fire alarm? Birthday on the Brooklyn Bridge An Alarming Desire Ode to the Gargleblaster The Filipek Tennis Tournament In other news: Check out yeah write’s interview of me–Who’s on fourth: yeah write interviews Marcy of (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish I set up two new pages: Travel page Gargleblaster page The Grid: 101 Things and Beyond ...more