Automotive in the U.S Please Take Action

The U.S. economy is at a crossroads with all the credit crisis!!! ...more

Metabolic Syndrome

Incase anyone is going through something like this, just sharing my experience. I am not a Doctor, but my experience may help someone else. ...more

Ga-Ga over Obama?

**These are just my views and thoughts. These views and opinions do not reflect the views and opinions of blogher. I am just a voter with an opinon and view** ...more

Coming to your next paycheck soon

With the recent talks of all the buy outs that are starting to take affect, I want to listen to the news about it, I want to hear the president on what he is saying. I just can't!!! I hear the sentence of 'Buyouts' and I start to get that knot in my stomach as if I just ate something very sour. ...more

I just finished writing a post on my own blog about having money to do things, and how I have ...more

Blah day not the Monday blah either

It’s not often that I get into these moods, and I sat here wondering what really has me so down. I started thinking maybe I am just tired, or maybe its just a early mid life crisis? ...more

Feels like the first time...blogging

There is a site I really liked in the beginning when I first started, which I have to say that I did like, as it was my first attempt at blogging and creating a new world for me. I met a lot of great people on there. Then the service started to change and wanted to become like others. There where increasing numbers of errors that happened on the page and people would complain, but the service provider deemed that the site would not be fixed as they were moving onto other bigger and better things. I go back there every now and again, mostly for the friends that I have on there. ...more

Thank you, and yes it does feel like an addiction. LOL. I think you may like it her on blogher. ...more


Does anyone remember just picking up the phone and talking anymore? Its like everyone has went off texting, into some weird frenzy to keep up with what is the score to the latest ball game, to what everyone is wearing to the next party, to even having a long conversation with each other that something is bound to get misunderstood. ...more