Where Am I?

When I was very young, I remember reading an article where the author described having a disabled child in an interesting way. Basically, she said, that having a baby is like planning a trip to a really great place, like Paris. You buy tickets, learn French, pack your bags and tell everyone you are going. You get on the plane to Paris, but then, when the plane lands, you are in Holland.  You are disappointed and unhappy. You know French, not Dutch. You are packed for Paris. You want to be in Paris! ...more

That analogy sounds so familiaar. Have you read the book "Expecting Adam" by Martha ...more

Preserving a Peach, and a Tradition

This last weekend, my 14 year old daughter and I participated in a time honored tradition. My mother did it, my grandmother and her mother before her. My husband's mom did it, and her mom too. This wonderful heritage is the art of canning. When I was a little girl, I remember helping my mom can every kind of fruit and tomatoes. When I left home to make my own, I kept the practice, sometime buying the fruit and sometimes growing my own. On Saturday, my girl and I worked, side by side to preserve the harvest of peaches from our tree. ...more

Last year I attempted to more

My Secret

I have a secret. Not the kind that will get you killed, or sent to the big house. The little kind. The kind your husband knows, but if he told at a dinner party or at church, you would have to smack him. On Wednesday nights, I send the children to their rooms and tell them Mommy needs alone time. My husband rolls his eyes and goes to read the paper. I sneak to the family room and quietly turn on the TV. And then, I watch. America's Next Top Model. Now, maybe you watch. Maybe you don't feel guilty about it. But I am a different story. ...more

When Salsa Attacks...

It all starts so innocently. You get your favorite cup. You open the refridgerator to get the milk. There it is, all white and milky, cold and waiting for you. Then you reach in, the milk comes willingly, and you are thinking, yay! breakfast! But oh no, disaster! The bottle of Pace, the gigantic one you buy at Costco because you have 7 children, is tipping towards you! Your hands are full of milk, and your cup. The salsa tips hitting the shelf! ...more

you would hear my giggles slowly dripping across the ...more