Avenue of the Giants Vacation {part 2}

our vacation in the avenue of the giants was super last minute. We had originally planned to go to Tahoe for a week but they have had some really big fires up north and the Tahoe area was affected by smoke so we decided about 2 days before we started our drive up to the lake to abort and find some place else to relax. We ended up eating and tasting brews at The Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, CA ....more

Easy Deviled Eggs for 1

Last night I had a hard boiled egg for a snack at about 9:30pm and ever since I’ve had a craving for deviled eggs. Happy Tuesday! This Tuesday is kinda a big day ....more

avocado & anaheim pepper shrimp tacos

So summer is basically over! I always know once the pumpkin spiced latte shows up while I’m on my yearly post-labor day family vacation that the long days of summer are about 3 seconds from being gone, until next year....more

Vacation: the avenue of the giants {part 1}

Hey guys! We’re on vacation in the Avenue of the Giants. Max and I kinda lucked out and have gotten to go on 2 back-to-back mini vacations ....more

The Devil’s Pasta!

Hey guys! How was your Tuesday? Mine was pretty darn good ....more

C(ancer)-Word Monday

Hey guys. I don’t have a recipe to share tonight. Max had a long day at work ....more

Cheesy Zucchini Pasta

Hey guys. How’s your (manic) Monday going? Mine is going pretty darn good ....more

I’m going to write for a minute.

A lot is going on in the lives of Maren, Maxwell and Donner. I’ve been so absent from blogging lately. I just couldn’t fall into a new habit of blogging with my new retail job ....more

Habanero Mac & Cheese

Hi guys! The comments off this post...more

Wild Walt.

Hey guys. Such nice comments about my last post. I was really nervous to write about my Mom’s new cancer diagnosis ....more