Laughable INTERVIEW with Madge Madigan Author of "When Life Gives You Lemons... at Least You Won't Get Scurvy!"

Today I am interviewing author Madge Madigan on the release of her new book, "When Life Gives You Lemons... at Least You Won't Get Scurvy!"  Making the best of the crap life gives you.Oh, you recognize the name?  Same as the author of this blog?  Well, taking a chapter out of my own book and making the best of things... when nobody else wants to interview you, interview yourself.From the back cover"...more

10 Things to Never Ever Do on Valentine's Day

Who gives a shit about Valentine's Day?...more

Job Review for Bullied School Bus Monitor - Fail

Fasten your seatbelts because I'm gonna' be the douchebag today.  All buckled in?  I've got my helmet, Kevlar vest, and athletic cup on.  Ok, here we go......more

A "Meeting in the Ladies Room" I Will Never Forget

Well, I survived the last couple of weeks with my 2 daughter's surgeries and my son's high school graduation.  Piece of cake.  Well, actually I think it's like child birth, there is some magic chemical in our bodies that makes us forget what hell we went through.  On to the next event!...more
 @cdrdash Ah, thank you for reading, though!more

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Just Like That Other Chick Across the Bar?

I recently read a blog here -- that was an open letter to husbands about looking at other women.  Which got that internal dialog going in me, or perhaps it was just voice hallucinations from my psychosis setting in.  Either way, whoever was in my head, it was pretty interesting.According to this blog, apparently I'm not the only woman to have experienced a lifetime of men commenting on other women to a woman supposedly important to them.  I have one question:Why?...more
Ha! Madge! Yes! I've had many boyfriends do that. Another reason they are no longer around. I do ...more

Idiot Parents and Psycho Kids, Does Not a Good Family Make

Be prepared for controversy today. I know some of you may have strong opinions on this one, but hear me out... ...more

My Own 50 Shades of Grey: The Time I Delayed a Rock Show

In this blog having an adult survival guide theme, I explore the many ways I have survived life and all the various crises that come with it, in hopes it can give others some insight.  A vital part of surviving life is to live a little.  In wiping children's behinds, clipping husband's toenails, scooping up dog poop, working 50 hours a week, and finding the missing soccer cleat... you can forget who you are....more

To Call Out or Not Call Out a Misguided Blog

In trying to do more networking with my blog, I have visited a lot of other blogs recently.  Wow, there are an awful lot of blogs out there!  You can find a blog on just about any subject from sheep herding ( )  to  ant farming ( ) ... yup pretty much anything....more
@Mango1531 Yes, just a display place. However there are some giveaways and other interactive ...more

Am I Supposed to Look Poor? Income Levels Should Have a Uniform...

I saw a status on Facebook the other day that said something to the effect, "If you're on welfare, how can you afford a smartphone?". Which made me think of a whole image problem I've had for a while. The question is... if you're, shall we say... uh underprivileged, or uh living below the poverty line, or dare I say it "poor"... oh hell, if you're broke-ass broke... are you obliged to look the part? To read the rest of the post, go to link below:     ...more
No, you've got it right! It is called self-respect, with responsible use of the resources you ...more

Stop the Insantiy! Give Your Kid a Normal Name!

I can't stand idly by and let this tragedy happen anymore.  It must stop now.The birth of Jessica Simpson's daughter yesterday whom she named Maxwell, was the last straw.  Yes, I said daughter, not son.GIVING CHILDREN RIDICULOUS NAMES MUST STOP NOW!Maxwell, Apple, Blue Ivy, Bronx, Pilot, Banjo, Bluebell, Dandelion, Mars.  These are all real names given to celebrity children.  ...more
Hey there, Madge! No nonsense facts presented in a tactfully restrained manner. We can all gain ...more