The Bay Area Conscious Capitalism Chapter Kicks Off With An Exciting Panel Discussion

As Einstein noted, “No problem has been solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Accordingly, “conscious capitalism” is about building better businesses that are integrated and aware of their cultures, supply chains and ripple effects of their actions in the world.  With carbon waste passing 400 ppm, global warming and other social issues becoming increasingl...more

Purpose and Profit: Uneasy Bedfellows or a Compatible Alliance?

Purpose and Profit: Uneasy Bedfellows or a Compatible Alliance?Join us for the first ever Conscious Capitalism Bay Area Chapter panel discussion around Purpose and Profit on Tuesday June 25, 2013 at 5:30 – 8:00 pm.Book now » Bay Area CEOs Brian Burt of Maestro Conference, Monika Rose of Formium, John Roulac of Nutiva and Vince Siciliano of New Resource Bank will discuss:...more

Inspiring Lincoln

Brought tickets to see the movie Lincoln last night. The movie was nearly three hours long and Daniel Day Lewis took acting to a whole new level, he was incredible. Over the years I have enjoyed reading about Lincoln and last night I actually thought I saw him in the flesh for the first time. ...more

Ryder Cup: Never Say Die

Did you watch the Ryder Cup this past weekend? I did. I'm a Brit living for many years in the States, and every two years I still pull for Europe to win the cup. It's not as if I don't like the USA squad, I like them a lot, but I wonder if anyone of us really ever forget our roots, no matter how far we travel or settle thousands of miles from home.Ryder Cup winners via

Courageous Leadership At Its Finest

Do you consider yourself an early adopter?  A progressive innovator who likes to champion the latest electronic devises or software implementation into your organization? Well here is the ultimate leadership question for you.Are you courageous enough to distribute your leadership, your authority and power and give your employees full autonomy in their roles to dynamically steer towards your company's vision to maximize creativity, value and profit?...more

First Experience

I never thought moving into my ocean view home would offer me so many different experiences, well tonight I got to enjoy another one……….....more

Hear Me Roar – Gavin Newsom CA. Lt. Governor

In this tough job economic climate, I didn’t expect to read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about an individual who told his boss that his job should be dissolved!  Let alone expect to read it was a politician who said it. Well Gavin Newsom the Lt. Governor of California did just that. Boy, it’s refreshing to hear a politician make sense once an awhile....more

Hear Me Roar. Series 2

Martin Luther King day seemed like the perfect day to interview my friend, Marjorie Schlenoff, Founder of Teach With Africa Foundation – Fund a Teacher, Change the World, for my Hear Me Roar Blog.I wanted you to get to know her and understand why following her passion has motivated her to fully show up in the world. Perhaps her energy, strength and vision will inspire you to follow your own dreams and make the most of every minute of your life....more

Completions, The Power Of

With the year 2011 drawing to an end, I like to focus on completions, or more to the point checking in to see what incompletions I might have outstanding in all aspects of my life. I try to do this on a regular basis. Acknowledge and face into my incompletions, because I like how positive I feel after I have dealt with something I have chosen to leave ‘hanging over me’ for days or weeks....more

Hear Me Roar!

Women all over the world are finding their voices. It’s a new voice, one that cannot be bullied, outsmarted or squashed. This article highlights how women are taking to the streets for the rights of other women. That’s change and it’s contagious. changed, why now?...more