The List of My Rocker-Chick Idols

I'll list them in chronological order (according to when I began to worship them): Ms. Joni Mitchell > The queen of folk, master of emotion, poetry and lyrical genius, there's nothing NOT to love. Just talking about her is making me CRAVE listening to something off her BLUE album, one of my favorite albums of all time. ...more

Attention LA Bloggers!!

Hey all - Just thought I'd extend an invitation for all LA Bloggers to join a VERY cool social network: Check it out with the link above OR join with the link below: ciao! ...more

music, movies, and pop at marGOt To Bed

New to the forum! Just thought I'd say hello and drop a link for anyone who may be interested in a 21-year old artistic almost college graduate's blog on classic movies and a diverse range of music. marGOt to bed: Oh! and if anyone lives in the LA area, I've got an LA Bloggers group which YOU're invited to join here: ciao! ...more

:) i guesss not too mom-ish buttt too much space for my lack of family and friends where i'm ...more