Now a days, I know the guy that got killed in the helicopter crash, I know the 14 year old girl that got hit by a car driven by a man who wanted to kill himself but killed her instead.  I know the guy that got a blood clot and died in his wife’s arms.  I know the mom who just died of lung cancer leaving 5 kids behind the oldest only 14.  I know the little boy who drowned in the swimming pool. I know the parents of the boy who killed himself. And I could go on.  These are all people who have shared a life with me and mine. ...more

Now. How do you come?

For a long time I’ve been working on this whole principle of being in the “now” and I really understand why this is a good practice to keep.For me to achieve this state of being I must be steady in myself.  Calm.   Aware of where I am and exactly who I am.  I must become ‘the witness’ that all the gurus and teachers speak of.  Seeing the world around me and me in it.I begin to appreciate the little things and take note of color and texture and sensation.  I absorb myself in the moment I am in....more

We are Magic

While looking for meaningAn answer kept repeating“We are magic, that’s what we are”And I thought how we come from shooting starsHow it is magic that conceives all we receiveHow magic is loveCreating expression with soaring wingsOf worlds unknown where the unsung singLike Harry Potter and food for fodderRiding a bike, flying a kite, hearing, feeling sightFalling in loveLaughing and kissing and hugging and missing.It’s magicAll magic.How does a magnet move that which was stagnant...more

How Photosynthesis Changed My Life

 In my search for finding peace and happiness I come to the same conclusions over and over again.  For some reason, I need hundreds of different ways and avenues to arrive there.  I want proof that I am right.  Proof.I know the answer.  I know the answer is to let go, to go with my flow.  I know it’s all about love, filling myself with love.  How good that feels, how when I am full there is nothing wrong in my world.  I know the answer is all around me, in life, in nature....more

The Electromagnetic Field of Magic

 The world is filled with so much magic and it takes place without any hocus pocus or chants and spells.  It just is.  It’s around us happening all the time.  We can’t see it and when we do we are sure there is a trick to it.  It must be an illusion.  We all want magical powers, to be alchemist, turning metal into gold, turning our desires into realities but we don’t really believe it is possible....more

The Magic Word

On a perfect day I wake up, I come back from that place I go when I sleep and dream. I feel my body, I am in it, and it is wholly mine. It is at this moment, before I open my eyes, I say, “Thanks”. As a child they always said the magic word was ‘please’ but I always thought that they got it backwards. The way I saw it ‘thanks’ was so much more magical then please ever was. ‘Please’ was polite and well mannered, it was noted and respected. But ‘thanks’ true gratitude, it opened doors. It opened hearts and minds. It made a deeper connection....more


They say, ‘ as above so below’, as it is in heaven so it is on earth.   So when people say they are in a black hole they literally are.  And it is exactly the same as a black hole in space except these holes exist inside of us.I have known silence and emptiness.  I have come to the edge of myself, the event horizon so to speak.  This portal into nothingness. A black hole sucks up everything, even the light. It’s where time eats space.  Gravity’s pull is magnified.  ...more

You Can't Handle the Truth actor JackHe really had our backsIn that movie when he shouted out all whack‘You can’t handle the truth,’ But in this day and in this ageThey tell us we must listen and obeyThe truth at all costNo sneaky white liesNo itty bitty triesThe truth nothing but the truthReally? Truly?  Oh fooeyYou can’t handle the truthEven superman changed in a telephone booth.  Liar Liar pants on fireHanging on a telephone wireDon’t want to be a gun for hireI have no need to see you bleed I have no need to watch you fall upon your knees.No need to see it dawn upon your face that look of losing grace that look of ‘oh me oh my the old lady she swallowed a lie I think that she will die’I didn’t mean to make senseI didn’t mean to take away your defenseThe transparency I see as heresy is for my own sincerity So I stand still. A statue of my willYet still in stillness I am seen. I am deemedTo speak those things that burst the seamsThe seams that hold the world intactThose things that both attract and attackNo words I choose, with words you loseI see your face begin to melt when faced with cards your own hand dealt.I see the pain of blinding light I see the sorrow of unkempt flightOh this curse of having sight. I came so quiet to be ignored I ambled and rambled to make you boredNow instead of lost I am found instead of silence I am sound.I get asked I get tasked I have no choice but use my voice.  It’s instrumental, kind, gentle… yet still I see it rip away, destroy your ways: vanishing and banishing all you made and I, watch you slowly fade.Shades of motions cross through the room, I feel your hate, your anger, your shame, and blame I feel your pain, your grief and your sorrow. I must follow.I watch you break in front of me, this be the truth that sets you free? How come I had to tell the truth? How come you wanted the truth, how come you can’t handle the truth? It breaks me too.  Breaks me right on through. When I lay, lay me down, I get away, I hide away I fill with air, I fill with care, I stretch myself like big cats do, an offering to this life I choose.  I kiss the ground for love. I kiss for those made weak by truths that I was forced to speak. I fill with love, I feel it so, I love and love and love some more that’s when I see you standing in the open door.  My eyes they reach you and beseech you your smile worthwhile, it tells of how even a butterfly wounds when leaving their cocoon.    ...more

The Playlist in My Head

Back in the good old days when people heard voices those voices told them to save the world or at least their country.  Now a days when people hear voices they are instructed to destroy the world or at least kill a bunch of people living in it. The one thing we have in common with our predecessors is that like now back then if you did hear voices they thought you were a complete nut job.  And boy, we sure have outdone ourselves in that department.  Every other street corner has some poor soul shouting out about the end of days....more