Why dominant men are sexy

A wise man once told me- “The way to a man’s heart is through his ego.  The way to a woman’s heart is through security.”  This rang very true for me (after I put my independent female ego aside) and, if you think about it honestly, I bet it will for you as well.  Since the earliest of times, women have been wired to choose the man who will stand in front of the cave and protect her and her offspring.  When she recognizes that he’s the biggest bada@@ around, he gets to spread his seed....more
Haha so true! I think there really is no reason to ask WHY! =)more

Cringe worthy

Recently, my friend Lexi started posting her middle school journal entries online.  I am amazed at her bravery and candor, not only to read it (I ripped mine to shreds because it was so embarassing) but to then go ahead and publish it for the world to see.  Her last post showed a pictorial depiction of her brain versus how her mother wished it would be.  Genius....more

You should put a condom on that

I literally laughed out loud when I read the title of our most recent review.  When I'd gotten the email from Tracy Clark-Flory, a witty Love&Sex staff writer from Salon.com asking for a box to review, I was elated. Salon is interested in us?  Awesome. She told me that she'd be reviewing us alongside similar products.  I was stoked because, frankly, I know we're differentiated. I checked in with her a few weeks after the box had been sent to see what she thought and she'd told me it was "great."  So, no anxiety for when the review was coming out....more

Musings of a sex entrepreneur: Honey, I'd like to have *_____* sex

No matter what word you insert between the asterisks, that's a tough conversation to have.  I was introduced to the world of toys (and frankly, thinking about sex as something that you had options with beyond missionary and a few other basics) through a sex toys house party.  I came home and told my partner that I'd bought some "stuff."  He looked at me with curiosity and said "What? Why?."  I realized I had no answer for this...and frankly, no idea what to do with the toys and with him when they arrived....more

Musings of a sex entrepreneur

Almost one year ago, I decided to take a big chance with my money, my time, my career, my relationship and, most irrevocable and terrifying, my personal brand.  I'd spent decades cultivating a certain image of respectability that, once I announced to my friends, family, colleagues and clients that I was starting a fantasy subscription service, I'd irrevocably draw a Mariah=sex in people's minds. Ultimately, I couldn't NOT do it, so I took a deep breath and announced to the world that I was now a sex entrepreneur....more