Email Is Over and Blogs Slow...Is Everyone Twittering?

Slate Magazine declared email dead today based upon the fact that kids use text messages and not email to communicate with each other. In my at home observations, sample size of 2, this is true. Email is used when my kids forget a paper that they wrote and need me to email it to them; never to communicate with each other. They use Facebook mail when a little privacy is necessary but otherwise use the Facebook wall. ...more

But for now, that's not an option for me. Someday I'll move back to that - I hope.

No, it ...more

Top 10 Online Subscriptions: Holiday Gifts for Media Snackers

Are you a media snacker or do you have a media snacker on your Holiday List? This list of 10 Online Holiday Gift Subscriptions might help. ...more

I agree that Xbox Live subscription seems a bit tough on the wallet - and wish it were free ...more

Open Social Kumbaya: Pass the API, please

Well honestly, the name Open Social sounds a bit more 1962 than web2.0...I am thinking church social and maybe Aunt Bee serving up the Kool-Aid and announcing in simple to understand terms, "everyone that joins our social will share the same hymnal ." ...more

at the Google Social, are they? More like Lynchburg Lemonade.....drink enough and you won't ...more

J&J Blogs, Sues Red Cross and Buys Maya's Mom. Miss Marple, What Do These Clues Mean? Part 1

Johnson & Johnson has been making social media headlines this summer. There are two parallel paths here; one path, a corporate blog and a corporate law suit. This will be Part 1. ...more

Commendable, that J&J attempts to present a well reasoned explanation of their actions. Of ...more

Their Facebook and Our Facebook: Same Place/Different Worlds

Its been almost a year since Facebook swung open their doors to everyone, regardless of affiliations to school or company. ...more

Ides of August? Skype Down, Schwab Down, Sifry Out, Furrier Out, Facebook Shuffles

Dave Sifry announced his resignation from Technorati today. John Furrier at PodTech.announced that James McCormick would be the new CEO. ...more

To kp above:

links do drop off/out of your accumulated links on Technorati. The difference ...more

The Helicopter Circles Facebook and It Isn't Pretty

ABC News reported yesterday that an increasing number of {helicopter} parents were contacting college officials to request roommate changes for their freshman children because they found the prospective roommate's Facebook profile objectionable. And what exactly do they find objectionable? ...more

I thought most people agree that Millennials are those born in 1982 or later, those who turned ...more

Facebook and MySpace: Danah Boyd Writes The Case Study Within the Case Study

Back in June, Danah Boyd wrote a blog post of observations about Facebook, MySpace, and class divisions in America. She noted that her blog post was not an academic paper but nonetheless her observations { in her blog post} were perceived by many as something far beyond her intention. A maelstrom ensued. But why? ...more

I hadn't really thought of it until you mentioned the clean lines vs tricked out look....kind of ...more

What Message Does Your Mobile Phone Send?

According to the single women 18-35 who participated in a recent Samsung sponsored survey, your mobile phone speaks volumes about you: 32% of respondents indicated that a lot could be told about someone by the type of mobile they use....more

Bowling Alone Yet Standing In Line Together

Robert Putnam in his book Bowling Alone, The Collapse and Revival of American Community, writes that our social capital has declined and that we have become disconnected from family, friends, civic involvement, and shared experiences. He notes that more Americans are bowling than ever before but that the number of bowling leagues has declined precipitously. I am not doubting the validity of his research, I just think he is missing the social web. ...more

My post was a definite oversimplification of his book...but I do think his research was done ...more