#DIY felt storyboards

i waddled (39 weeks pregnant) into hobby lobby today with a mission! a new project on my mind! since the very beginning of my days of trying to entertain a child, i have been disappointed in the toy selections at stores. they are either way too expensive for the amount of use my child would get out of them with her tiny attention span or they are based around characters of a show neither of us have ever laid eyes on...so i have resorted to craft projects or DIY toys to occupy most of our time....more

i'm just a nurse

i will never let these words slip out of my mouth again, "i'm just a nurse." difficult shifts lately have left me reflecting on my job, my career, my calling... you see, your view of a nurse may be what mine was before i considered it as a "real" career option. i used to think nurses were just helpers; they gave meds, they cleaned up patients, they simply did as the doctor asked. while all that is true to some extent, nurses are so much more....more