Monday Morning Gets a Bad Wrap; But Sunday Night Can Be A B*TCH Too!

Last night at 9:30pm my stomach decided to do flips and twists in the middle of The Talking Dead summer special. Was it the wonderful dinner I had cooked? Would the hubs and the kid get sick too? Would I puke on the den carpet because I was too engrossed in the TV show to get to the toilet in time? I willed the queasiness away....more

The Pink Water Bottle

 While at the Columbia outlet store our son spied a bright pink water bottle. "Mommy I want that." I picked up the bottle, eyed the price, and told him he could have it. The cashier eyed our exchange and asked, "Are you sure you want that one? We have blue ones too." Knowing full well what type of societal norms were behind her statement I asked Aaron, "You like pink right?" He responded happily, "Yes!" I placed the water bottle on the counter. The girl looked a bit taken aback; but proceeded to ring up my items....more

That List of Mine!

Did you make a to-do list in January?Progress on my mondo 2014 list is coming along nicely. Some changes have been made and some Whiteout has been used; but we all know that saying about life and making plans. I have taken the GRE; but have decided to put off applying to graduate school until 2015. Amazing how a snow storm makes you re-evaluate how much free time you will have for studying with a three year old in the house....more

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. . . No Those Are Tears From a Tantrum.

Where do you live? I live in Decatur (Atlanta suburb), Georgia and the weather is odd! Not very spring-like I must say. While I must say that we are luckier than our friends on the mid-west who are going through a May snow storm, it has been cool, cloudy and damp here for a while. I have seen Homer Simpson refer to it as "Smarch". Smarch is the thirteenth month of the year that is filled with colder than usual temperatures and snow. I think we can all agree that is what is going on....more

Maybe There is a Translation App

Tattoo or to Not Tattoo

Recently at Piedmont Park I saw a lot of tattoos. Some of them good and some of them not so good.  I am sure that the ink I am referring to was meant to serve as a reminder of an amazing place visited, person loved or important time in the owners lives. Most of the people I saw actually had nice artwork. I saw some great examples of both half and full sleeves, brilliant uses of color as well as simple line art work....more

You May Want to Jump Into the Oven

Every month I have my clients comb through cook books and magazines to find recipes to make the next month in class. We usually do two and I try to keep them a wee bit healthy.On a trip to the library we found a great book by Eric Lanlard called Home Bake. Inside were so many great things to bake that fit right into our easy to make/relatively healthy genre of foods. The Exotic Fruit Tray Bake caught my eye so we copied the recipe and today headed to the store to pick up the ingredients. The photo looked like home made granola bars and you can’t go wrong with those....more

Gotta Have My Pox Last week my child had spots. Not freckles or dots made with a Sharpie, but actual spots. The first one I noticed was on his cheek, then I saw another behind his ear. No biggie, I thought, he has eczema and it flares up from time to time."Then when I picked him up from daycare the next day I noticed spots in his hands. When I asked his teacher if she had ever seen anything like that she said, " It's either chickenpox or hand foot and mouth disease." I immediately prayed for the pox!...more

Make 2012 A Year of Giving Recently a friend posted a link to the 12 Happiness Tips for 2012. A blogger at listed small changes you could make in your life in this new year to make it a better one. Tips included getting creative, leaving last year's baggage behind and devoting time each week to you. Although I had incorporated a few of them into my life in 2011, one of her suggestions really hit home for me... Give. A simple four letter word that I hadn't really thought much about before....more

I Double Dog Dare You