How Pinterest Has Made Me a Better Blogger

I dare you to look at Pinterest and not get inspired! It’s darn near impossible. Sure I see pins and I think there is no way that will work, but yet I still try. A want to try soon turns into a want to learn and a want to grow and finally a want to maybe impress and inspire someone else....more

Zucchini…Not Just for Bread or Muffins!

Zucchinis grow prolifically in the summer.  They are easily grown in home gardens with little to no effort.  This is probably why we all have some, if not too many, on hand at this time of year.  What to do with all these yummy green fruits?...more

Starting Home Schooling! Good or Bad? No Shortage of Opinions!

My name is Marie.  I am a wife and mother of two young boys, Jude (five soon to be six) and Joel (four).  We have two somewhat loveable dogs, Pabst and Pau. We live a very active and somewhat chaotic life of which we chronicle in our a little blog:...more