Blog Theme for Hard Times

“I’m thinking about starting a blog,” says Eddie in his deep, sarcastic Southern tone over the country music the barista seems think we like so he plays it loud. We drink lattes during Tuesday happy hour because we need to get our heads screwed on straight since we’ve both fallen on hard times....more

Ending the mundane affair

Literature, film, tango, sex, love, romance, friendship, swimming and dogs; things worth living for.Love, romance, sex and breakups; things worth writing about....more

My mother and Alzheimer's

Every Christmas and Mother’s Day, my little sister and I would save our allowance money to buy our mother Giorgio perfume. Our mother loved that musky perfume, which was released in 1981, and came in a fancy yellow and white striped box. We would buy it at the perfume counter at Hess’s, a mid-scale and only department store in our small town, not as fancy as Kaufman’s but a step up from Sears....more

Forced Sterilization: Oppressing Latin America’s Womb

The idea of an HIV-positive woman giving birth to a child may bring up issues about health and responsibility. However, the State or government agency should not hold the authority to deprive a woman of her agency and right to make decisions regarding her body. This is exactly what occurred in the case of 36-year-old Julia, a HIV-positive woman who was forcibly sterilized in Chile. ...more

Really informative and sad, thanks for the post more