Sports and feminism – no proselytism, just some clarification

“But you don’t hate guys, do you?”“you’re not a radical, are you?”These are things that I hear from friends that are more or less (some more, some less, but all a little bit) weary of my involvement with feminism. How can someone like me, meaning an athlete, a cis-heterosexual woman, supposedly uninterested in politics and insider to a predominantly male sport be a feminist?...more

The powerlifting mom and dad: knowing your child’s innate strength

My only daughter was a sort of lab rat for me. Don’t get me wrong: I love her. But I was young, my head was full of theories about psycho-motor development and I was determined to break with all conservative ideas about child care. A whole new world of possibilities lay ahead and no blueprint available....more

Two Little Boys, Gender Stereotypes and Strength Sports

I usually workout either alone or with my buddies at my home gym, known as “the powerhouse” by my friends. One day recently, however, I was at Crossfit Brasil with two other people, doing weightlifts....more
I am not necessarily sure that I agree with your reductive assignment to children and critical ...more