Seniors Learn To Clear Clutter and Downsize the Easy Way

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Ease Drop On Clearing Clutter Interview


Getting Rid Of Clutter Tips From Go Organize!

Saturday was fun. Thank you to all of you who supported me by coming to my book signing and emailing me good wishes. One friend brought me some chocolate....more

There Is Hope In Clearing Clutter

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Show 'N Share Untamed Drawer

Untamed Drawer Gets Clutter Control I love drawers that are uncluttered. After my “B” day I was putting away the birthday signs and I thought “Wow, this drawer needs some attention”. You know how things that are organized just get undone? That is the time for some clutter control before it gets out of hand. Before: ...more

Yes, there is certainly a degree of satisfaction from having an uncluttered drawer.  I ...more

Do You Have A System For Getting Rid Of Clutter?

  We have systems for everything. I watched my mother bottle thousands of bottles of fruit over her life time and I myself have bottled hundreds of bottles of pears, peaches and tomatoes just to mention a few. ...more

Are You a Power Player In Getting Rid Of Clutter?

College football has started and I am trying to watch more games this year. I have a favorite team and last year I only saw one game all season. So far I have watched 2 out of 3 so my average has shot up. I was watching with interest the coach on the sideline motion one of his players off the field. A mistake had been made by the player and the coach didn’t waste any time throwing a fit as some coaches do but instead he put his arm around the shoulder of the player and started having a conversation with him. ...more

Find Out How The Right Filing System Can Help Reduce Clutter

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Wipping Clutter Into Shape

Wipping Clutter Into Shape, Yeehaw  July 30th, 2009 Here ...more

Get Rid of Clutter by Donating Your Old Cell Phone

As you are getting rid of clutter if you come across an old cell phone and don’t know what to do with it–you can donate it at This is a great service for our soldiers. The phones are sold to a company that recycles phones and the money is used to purchase calling cards that are sent to troops in need. My daughter found a phone in her shed as she was getting rid of clutter and was happy to find a place to send her phone (free postage-paid shipping labels are available) that will benefit someone else. ...more

I got rid of my old cell phone at my local mobile shop. They were a bit surprised when i ...more