Cone Flowers and Lilies

    Cone Flowers (Echinaceas) are fragrant and drought proof, and both bees and butterflies love them.  Cone flowers are among my favorite perennials and I have several different kinds....more

May is for Gardeners

  Yes, you can grow lettuces, chard, tomatoes, and herbs in pots.  I do and I get good results.  Every spring I fill my pots with fresh soil and place them in an area that gets full sun.  My reason for growing in pots is mainly due to a mostly shady backyard. Buttercrunch lettuce in a pot ...more

A Stroll Through My Backyard

    Spring is my favorite season.  It's when I can look out my windows and see a backyard full of daffodils and narcissus.  When the days are cold, I might pick a few of my miniature daffodils and bring them in the house to enjoy.      Only one variety of...more
Hello Julie.... Columbines will scatter seed and I have many plants that have come from ...more

My Paintings From a Watercolor Workshop

    This past winter I enrolled in a beginner's watercolor workshop.  The instructor had us draw and paint pictures done by famous artists: Degas, Winslow Homer, and Sargent, and I tried very hard to do a good job.  Some of the paintings were chosen to help us with buildings and objects that receded into the background, while other paintings were to help us use a dark background to bring out, or define, something white.  You can see my attempt at this when I painted the pasta makers.  Another painting I ch...more
 @mercedesaug  What a kind thing to say, Mercedes.  Thank you. more

Terrariums Are for Winter Enjoyment

      During the winter months, when it's gray and dreary outside, I have my indoor plants to enjoy.  I have a kitchen window with a southern exposure and that's where I grow most of my indoor plants.  I have a long wooden stand that my father made, and that's where I grow my orchids, ferns, and African violets.    ...more
Just gorgeous. It was very relaxing just viewing your terrariums.more

Orange-Cranberry Muffins Using Oat Flour

    Orange-Cranberry Muffins Using Oat Flour       During the winter months, I make muffins almost weekly.  I prefer Orange-Cranberry muffins, using my own recipe, but some of the time I might make bran muffins.  I like having a muffin and a cup of hot tea for my breakfast.  When fresh cranberries...more

African Violets in My Windows

      If you want flowers that bloom throughout the winter, grow African violets.  I've been growing them for years, since I was fourteen.  They aren't difficult to grow and I keep them in my windows while I wait for spring,....and the daffodils.   ...more

Season's Greetings 2011

    Season's Greetings 2011     I visited my favorite greenhouse this past weekend because they were having their annual Christmas Open House.  I wasn't disappointed with the things I found.  Not only do they offer refreshents for visitors, but this year there was a fifteen member Swing Band.  ...more
@KarenLynnn I have a red Christmas cactus and it's blooming. I have small ones, too, and one ...more

A Visual Journal: February in Manhattan

  Pen, Ink, and Watercolors   One of my hobbies is watercolor painting.  I've done quite a few watercolors, but more recently I've ventured into something a little different.  I've begun to work in the mixed-media of pen, ink, and watercolors.  Last February I was in New York City with my hubby, brother, and sister-in-law.  The temperature was 17 degrees and it was windy.  We weren't about to stay indoors and so we set off for Time's Square.  I had my camera and took a lot of phot...more
 @KarenLynnn Karen Lynn, I'm sorry I posted the wrong link to my web site.  It's ...more

Winter Hardy Pansies from the Greenhouse

    Over the years, I have grown many colors of pansies.  I plant my pansies in the fall and yesterday I bought 19 plants, all yellow, at my local greenhouse for this year's planting....more