The Great Nerd Revival

Actually, can you call it a revival when they never really were terribly mainstream and/or accepted before?  Ehh. Doesn’t make much difference because the point is: it’s a bit cool to be a nerd these days.  Moreso than ever before. I gotta blame the hipsters at least a little bit for this one ....more

Has it been a week? It’s been a WEEK.

And so we’re back to Tuesday again.  This Tuesday doesn’t seem as irksome so that means all is right with the world. I like to think that part of that is because the boys are back at school.  I can deal a lot better when they’re back at school, apparently.  Picking them up in the afternoons is kind of a pain, considering I have to drive halfway across town and wait in pickup lines and deal with stupid people in ...more

Wonders never cease


In which I stop pretending I don’t care about Doctor Who

Over a year later and I’m still very much interested in “Doctor Who”.  I think it’s time to stop acting like a) that’s not a large part of what I’m about right now and b) I shouldn’t have it on this blog.  Let’s be real here for a moment.  If I don’t post about Doctor Who here, then I’m liable not to post ANYTHING.  If you doubt the truth of that, lets take a look at everything I’ve posted here ...more

I promise I’m not trying to avoid this blog

I spend a lot of time over at Tumblr.  You all knew that already.  I blog things there constantly but they are of no interest (or little interest) to anyone who might stop by here on occasion.  As for news outside of all of… that… there’s just not much to say ....more

Farewell to 2012…

I meant to post something last week about how it was a blogging anniversary of sorts.  Counting the years gets kind of scary so I’ve sort of stopped doing that.  But it’s been a while since I started this here blog.  I didn’t post because life and you all know how that goes.  So just imagine that I said something about “wow, how things have changed since I started blogging, blah blah blah,” okay? ...more

What I mean when I say I’m an anglophile

I saw this post on Tumblr this morning and it made me think.  I think what the post author said is true for a good number of self-proclaimed anglophiles on Tumblr… they love Sherlock or Merlin or Doctor Who and think that’s the sum-total of British life and therefore, they love it the most ....more