Escape from Egypt!

I haven't posted anything lately, because since Purim, I've been working like a slave in ancient Egypt, cleaning the house for Passover. It's an annual ritual -- one I dread and loathe. Many people have written about a supposed "spiritual dimension" to this yearly drudgery. In exalted terms, they describe how removing every last crumb of hametz (leaven) from our houses prepares us to deeply experience the meaning of Passover. Yeah....right. ...more

Finding Yourself a Teacher

Here's a note from a reader: "Information on how to approach a synagogue or rabbi for the purpose of furthering one's education would be much appreciated. Which folks are more open to converts? Perplexingly, it sometimes seems the more conservative, the more open." ...more

Mourning Mumbai

The murder of Rabbi Gabi and Rivka Holtzberg (of blessed memory) has reminded Jews everywhere that, despite our differences, we're all part of one family. The Holtzbergs were Chabad shlu'chim (emissaries) who ran the Nariman Center in Mumbai, a gathering place for Jews who lived in or were visiting the city. ...more