coconut granola bark

What?? Another granola recipe Marin mama? Yep, I’m posting another granola recipe peeps, because I’m an oat crazed gal who loves something sweet and crunchy to nosh on in the afternoon, and this granola bark fits the bill! ...more

sweet potato tacos with avocado crema

If you’re looking for a new meatless taco recipe, then you’ve come to the right place! Sweet potatoes make the perfect hearty filling for a taco when you’re craving a meatless meal. Insert them in a corn tortilla with some black beans, cotija cheese and the avocado crema and you have yourself not only a beautiful looking taco, but a tasty and healthy one as well ....more

avocado yogurt crema

Happy Monday peeps! You’re probably confused as you’re getting 2 posts 2 days in a row. You’re most likely saying to yourselves, “what’s up with Marin mama and all of her posting lately, she’s going crazy over there!” Well, I’m not going crazy, but I have been up since 5:00 this morning, and I’m baking a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies, so I figured why not bang out a new post as well ....more

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for May 3rd

Happy Sunday peeps! It’s 10:00 and I’m honestly sitting here struggling with what to say to introduce this weekly menu. I’ve been typing text. ....more

collard greens with spicy ginger dressing and seed brittle

Wait… don’t let the collard greens in the title of this post scare you away, especially you Amanda....more

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for April 26th

Don’t those cookies and brownies look amazing? ...more

peanut butter chocolate chip granola

This granola is not what I would classify as a healthy breakfast alternative. I would say that it falls into the sugar cereal family rather than the Ezekiel cereal family, but that’s ok. My philosophy when it comes to food is that it’s all about balance, and some days we want something healthy for breakfast, and some days we want something naughty like this granola! ...more

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for April 19th

First off, I LOVE this picture of Zoe. I took it this past fall when we were in the city for one of Eli’s soccer games. We had some down time before the game, so we decided to do a photo shoot (which was SO much fun) ....more

toasted overnight steel cut oats

Everyone has a favorite meal of the day...more