Gutsy Leadership Women’s Weekend Retreat: NYC Metro area April 11 - 13

Bringing like-minded professional women together, over an inspiring weekend at the spectacular mountain side resort in NYC metro area. ...more

Inspiring Evening for Women in Business– NYC Soho, Feb. 18 6PM

Empowering you in your career through a unique fun and social way of networking by seat rotation.  Monday Feb. 18th in NYC Soho at 6pm - RSVP or share with the smart driven women in your life.20 spots available.  Registration hereAbout this event ...more

Charity looking for US Directors - reach out if interested

Hi everyone, This charity in support of  babies will soon be approved  in the US in the state of California. They are looking for US Directors to help them run from America. If you know of anyone who may wish to help get this project off the ground, please reach out to you, ...more

Free Webinar - It's Tactical Tools Thursday again September 20th - Sharpening your Negotiation Skills

Dial in numbers are below (RSVP e-mail required to obtain Meeting ID):United Kingdom: +44 203 318 1918 United States: 805-309-5900, 415-464-6999, 609-318-5900 Canada: 1-647-955-2275 France: +33 97 518 1777 Denmark: +45 69 918003So, what are we going to talk about?We’re going to spend an hour sharpening your Negotiation Skills to begin cutting Deals that make for a win-win and start turning the word ‘No’ into ‘Not Right Now’....more

Free Tele-Seminar for Women in Business Thursday Aug. 30 @ 12:30 EST / 5:30 GMT

We’re going to spend an hour getting comfortable with self-promotion, languaging and embracing opportunities to raise your rank in business. This is what garners visibility kicking your leadership rank up a notch. I will kick it off and open the floor to answer any questions or commentary you have about what it’s like to be “in your shoes”.  You can  be anonymous if you wish, this is about creating an open forum for you to share what it is that’s holding you back.Meeting ID: 511-455-080# ...more

Meeting Jennifer Garner,she shares: "Perfection Doesn't matter!"

This week I was honored to have In Our Shoes invited to the screening of Jennifer Garner's new film: The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Before the film, American actress Jennifer Garner met all of us bloggerazzi's  answering the very pressing question of every working mother, swirling in the news these days....more

Pitch it, until you Stick it

Your ideas that is. Pitching your ideas is not just done during projects where you have that light bulb moment. Pitching your ideas is asserting yourself whenever you believe a change in course is needed or you have a fresh take on how things should be handled in your firm.   Continued here   Ping me if you would like to connect at BlogHer NY!  Twitter handle: @InRShoes...more

Like inspires Like - Join like-minded inspiration in your US city. Begins in July.

 Ready to be inspired  by people who bring their ideas to life? Idea Mensch is coming to your US city. They are doing a roadshow across 48 states to share the stories of how people's ideas come to life and how you can bring yours. Learn more:

In Our Shoes meets Jada Pinkett Smith who shares: ''Take those hours that you need. Without your passion, you won't feel alive.'

After attending the private movie screening of Madagascar 3, I asked actress Jada Pinkett Smith (she's the dancing hippo) what advice she could share with us working moms and mums who juggle a career during the day and second shift at home with our families. Video clip below of her emotionallly moving answer. ‘Picking up’ such an inspiring fierce spirit to bring back here to our female village, left me shaking; her words still resonate especially now given the Dream Shoe seminar programming underway. Enjoy....more

Successful Women make Gutsy Moves

When praising the values and accomplishments of others, we're the best walking billboards in town. When it come to self-promotion and soft selling our wares, however, we often slink away from self-imposed high fives. Here's why and what gutsy women do to achieve success:  ...more