Hashtags and Social Media

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, and I’m still scratching my head at times over hashtags and social media. Let me back up a little. What is a hashtag?...more

DIY Gifts – Decorate with Feathers

Happy March! Every...more

Link Love #7

T…G…I…F. Goodness, did this seem like an extra long week or what? I had a couple of internet issues this week, hence the radio silence ....more

DIY Stationery – Button and String made with Patterned Wood

A new week, a new craft. Or 2. We’ll see ....more

Link Love #6

Happy Friday! What are your plans for this weekend? My plans involve defrosting from this crazy cold ....more

Gifting: DIY Gold Faux Wax Seals

Hee – I was actually going to title this post DIY Gold Foil Faux Wax Seals. Try saying that 3 times quickly. These are the silly things that make me giggle ....more

WordPress Tips: Footer and Sidebar Visibility

Happy Wednesday! Are any of you fellow WordPress bloggers? I’ve been fumbling along this last year and wanted to share any tips and tricks I learned along the way here on the blog, so that we can all learn together ....more

Gifting: DIY Wooden Flowers on Clothespins

Hello and Happy Monday! It’s Presidents’ Day here in our neck of the woods, and pretty darn cold. So since I had my clothespins out, I thought a quick DIY was in order to pretend it’s warm outside ....more

Link Love #5

Happy Friday! How are you spending this weekend full of hearts? In a few minutes, I’ll be heading off to celebrate with my boys in their respective classrooms, then we’ll treat ourselves to a nice family meal this weekend ....more

DIY Stationery – Fabric Ampersand Stickers

Happy Monday! I thought we’d kick off the week with some DIY Stationery. Ampersands are everywhere ....more