Miracles and Blessings - The Beginnings by Joshua K. McGuire

Miracles and Blessings is a new series that chronicles the life of Josh McGuire. The Beginnings is Book 1 in this series and starts a couple days after Josh graduates from high school and has to make the first decision on his own...where to attend college. This decision, like all decisions in life, sets in motion events that change the path he understands his life is supposed to follow. In time, after a gut wrenching event occurs with his girlfriend Carla, a new life path develops....more

Practical Forgiveness Read Day 1 - 10

Practical Forgiveness by Judith Ingram Blog, Devotional, Forgiving Day-by-Day, Sharing the Journey...more

“Hey, God?”

New book chronicles widow's overheard conversations from heaven...more

Unusual Use of Trash

A Rare Nativity by Sam Beeson, Nina Cochran , Terral Cochran ...more

Destination: Hope

Destination: Hope – A Guide Through Life’s Unexpected Journeys...more

Empower Yourself: In the Holy Spirit (Pick Your Life)

Volume 2 by Sally Hanan...more

Jenny Long, Expect a Miracle:

A Mother’s Tale of Brotherly Love, Faith & the Race That Changed a Family’s Life...more

Miracle Movie

Life is Beautiful