The Nail Salon

Ah..... I'm sitting alone in the chair at a nail salon that I have gone to before with girlfriends. My feet luxuriate in the hot water of the spa chair. It feels so good. The girl is working on my feet.I'm cheating once again in my regular nail girl because this is very close to where I am today.Before this is lay on the table while the technician used warm wax to remove extraneous hairs from my eye brows. She brushes, trims, waxes and nearly painlessly plucks to shape my eyebrows, so sadly out of shape. I no longer look like Peter Gallagher....more
They do a great job! However, the last time I went they could barely touch my feet. They took on ...more

Sign of the Times

Two things have got me thinking about how disconnected we are as a society despite how “connected” we are. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, Skpye, iPad, iPods, texts, blackberries, iPhones, email the list goes on....more

the evolution of music format

I was reading another blog that I follow and he posted an entry entitled Do You Remember Audio Cassette Tapes? and it got my thinking about how music and how we listen to it has changed so much in my lifetime....more

House Bill removed Planned parenthood funding.

When you hear the term "no more wire hangers" what do you think of?  Mommy Dearest?  To be honest, me too but there is also another meaning that we all know.   Law makers may drive us back to the time before women had reproductive rights.  I just can't believe that this has happened.  Planned Parenthood has been stripped of all federal funding.  What are they thinking?...more

I agree with Everything you have said as well.



What's a girl to do when her body is failing her?

I was reading a friends blog about re-defining motherhood and it got me thinking about my own experiences with infertility or probably more accurately low fertility....more

Hang in there. Sending lots of good vibes your way!more