Family Life in the Chevy Traverse

I was fortunate enough to test drive a...more

Our Time with the Chevy Traverse

As an on-the-go family of four, we need a vehicle that is able to keep up with the demands of our family, and the Chevy Traverse did just that and more!...more

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was packed FULL of excitement for our family. ...more

When My Story Beckons

About once a year, I go through the blogging blues. Usually, it happens when my real life picks up pace for one reason or another, and blogging becomes a burden rather than a release. I’m in that phase right now ....more

Out and About With My Chevy Traverse

As a family of four, we are on the go a lot. Like, a LOT a lot. Between Chris and I commuting to two different sides of town for our day jobs and the kids having social lives that now consume our household (since when did kids start scheduling their own playdates?! ...more

When Parenting Loses It’s Patience

I’ve been struggling with parenting lately. ...more

Keeping My House on the Up and Up

My love affair with Target has been well documented over the years, but perhaps the most dramatic representation of my relationship with Target was when I dropped Gracie at daycare one day last year and she cried when I left saying, "BUT I WANT TO GO SHOPPING AT TAHGET!"...more

Keeping My House on the Up and Up

When Target asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their up & up brand products, I had to try my very professional best not to sarcastically shout, “WELL, I GUESSSSSSS SO…” ...more

Out and About with Chevy Traverse

We have so many little adventures planned for our week of fun. We have to go school shopping for Bean so he is ready for kindergarten. We also want to head to the beach with friends and family for the first time, instead of just our own family of four. And I can't wait to show it off to my teacher friends when we go back for preplanning! ...more

Sensory Boxes, Ages 2-5

A few weekends ago, we went to Atlanta for my nephew, Tillman’s, second birthday. I had been thinking about what to get Tillman for a few months. I knew he was at that funny age where sometimes store-bought toys are the LAST thing they want to play with, so I knew I wanted to get him something that wasn’t fairly traditional ....more