5 Boys, 3 Pizzas, 2 Girls, and a Gallon of Ice Cream

I blogged a few weeks ago about our Date Night Co-op group. ...more

Snippets from the Week

HI FRIENDS! ...more

The First Tee

For the past three seasons, Bean has played Little League baseball and our whole family has loved it! ...more

Because Brothers.

She was so proud to show me her trick. She never even saw him coming. There are no pictures after this because Gracie was bounced off the float unexpectedly, flew into the water, and came up so mad she looked like a wet cat about to kill something ....more

The Sound of Music

Our church is blessed enough to have two places of worship on Sunday mornings. ...more

Teaching Your Preschooler to Read

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I posted a short video of Gracie reading a book on the day before she started kindergarten. ...more

12 Hours on a Couch

The first few weeks of school have been overload for our family. ...more

Prepare Yourselves for BIG CHANGES.

Big changes are happening right now in my life, guys. ...more

Date Night Co-op

My friend, Jamie, has four boys. ...more

Busy Weekend, Happy Family

This weekend was packed full of all different kinds of fun. ...more