That’s All, Folks

I have been blogging for eight years. ...more

Why I’m Jealous of Old People

I was up all night with a terrible migraine and woke up this morning feel like I had been hit by a truck. All I wanted was to sleep off the lingering pain in peace, but instead, I pulled myself out of bed. I threw on jeans and a tee shirt, left my hair in the ponytail I slept in, swiped on some mascara and big sunglasses, and went to work ....more

Raising My Mother

Last week, we lost my mom. As in, we couldn’t find her for a while. I texted her in the morning with a question, which normally always gets a quick reply from her ....more

Some Days

Some days, it is really hard to be a parent. ...more

Out and About

Life has been jumping here in our corner of the world. ...more

Boys Raising Boys

The other night, Gracie began shrieking in the living room. ...more

Race, According to a Four-Year-Old Girl

“Gracie,” Bean said. “Your skin is Caucasian color.” “No, it’s not,” replied Gracie thoughtfully, looking at her arm. “It’s pink.” ...more

You Catch It, You Keep It

Tonight after dinner, I went out to the pool to swim some laps. ...more


This boy and me? We’re...more


Oh, man. ...more