Best Marriage Advice Ever!

 I recently went to a wedding. And, while I love all weddings, this one really special. Not only was it beautiful because of the gorgeous location and the love of this fantastic couple, but it stood out to me because of what the officiant told them....more
I love this!  Beautifully said and very wise.  I'm going to remember these words in my relationship.more

Let's Get Real. 5 Reasons I Don't Have It All Together

The online world is a beautiful thing isn’t it? It is a place for learning about the world, sharing your knowledge, exploring a new skill, connecting with others....more

A Letter To My Husband

 This Saturday marks my 17 year wedding anniversary.It seems so strange to say that out loud. Time does seem to fly doesn't it? Saying I've been married for 17 years makes me feel 2 things;1. Very old!2. Very proud!If you have read my story then you know that I met my husband when we were 11 years old. We became a couple when we were 14 and we have been a couple ever since. We have now been together for 26 years!...more

5 Reasons Why I Don't Have It All Together

Sometimes on the outside, it may seem that I have it all together. I share quotes and tips and advice that may lead you to believe that I've got it all figured out....more
Tammy - thank goodness we found you!  This post is awesome!  We can relate.  It is almost as if ...more

3 People You Need In Your Life Right Now!

It's Friday!   YEESSSS!   ...more

4 Ways Stilettos Can Help Spice Up Your Marriage

 Image couresy of Married-and-Naked A little while back I asked my husband, "Is there any way that I can be a better wife for you?"...more
lol haha this is great!more

3 Ways to Reconnect With You!

A couple of years ago I had a revelation.I was completely unaware of who I was anymore....more