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Toddler Tales || Flying Edition


Pregnancy The Second Time Around

Taking a little vacation has given me a second to take a step back and reflect on this pregnancy. Gosh are there so many differences between my pregnancy with Mallory and this one...yet, countless similarities all at the same time. ...more

Shopping For Baby #2


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A Plaid Blazer


Ice Ice Baby!

Over the weekend, we finally made our way out to the Matanuska Glacier! We had plans to go around Thanksgiving when family was in town, but the stars didn't align (read: the Army didn't cooperate with my scheduling) so we weren't able to make it. We've lived in Alaska for nearly two years and this was the first time I had step foot on a glacier. Pathetic I tell you!  ...more

Pregnancy Must Haves [Part 1]

Now that I'm more than halfway finished with my second pregnancy (?!??!), I wanted to share some of the products that I've been loving in the maternity world. Part two of this post will come near the end of my pregnancy as I grow more large and in charge. ;)  ...more
After the fact, use just use striafade for stretch marks.more

Our Christmas (2014)

You don't mind if I take some time to post an entry into my online mommy/baby journal, do you? I certainly appreciate it ;) ...more

How To Make Glühwein and Kinderpunsch

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you are all getting off work early and enjoying some serious family time. Sometimes I think Christmas Eve is more exciting than Christmas Day. All the anticipation and traditions. Mmmmm :) It's just the best day ever. ...more