time warp

And then it was February and somehow three months since I last sat down to write about this little life of mine. I recently received the nicest, kindest email from a friend and reader who told me about a fun little recipe that I posted her a few years ago that has become a big part of her world. ...more

happy halloween AND throwback thursday!

happy halloween!the night when we give our dog half a benadryl to keep her calm, along with a special halloween cookie, purchased just for her a few weeks back.cheers!Boomer the turtle, 2009 Boomer the banana split, 2010 Boomer the dinosaur, 2013! ...more

This is twenty eight.

I really like to write about my birthday. ...more

Emotion, et al vs Logic, Reason, and Rational Thought

Over dinner last night (my official birthday-dinner-out!*), Chris and I did some Kate-navel-gazing. ...more

Ye olde festival de renaissance

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, at least once a year, one...more

an adult at the two-eight

Lately, I am semi-sure that I am mostly becoming an adult. This month is the one in which I will turn twenty-eight. I am feeling good about 28 ....more

happy october fourteenth.

I am having a small bit of trouble getting back into the writing swing. ...more

just a small family of three

This past weekend, Topher and I traveled to pick up someone very important... Boomer! Reuniting with the pup was so much awesome that I can't even explain ....more

A Vlog for the Weekend

Cheers to your weekend! I knocked this vlog together this Saturday night (wild things happening here at the home of Kate and Topher, as you can tell) and hope you'll enjoy it, if you please.It's mostly a rambling of nothings, like how I'm feeling two weeks after my arrival back in the U.S., what I'll be doing tomorrow (Sunday) and when you can expect to see pup Boomer's face 'round these parts! So, how are you? ...more

ten days home and all you get are these awesome iphone pics

What have you been up to this September so far? Drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes? Enjoying cooler weather? ...more