Our Weekend

The girls and I had a really, really mellow weekend. And we needed it. Gordy and Henry spent the weekend in New Hampshire where Henry and his hockey team were playing (and winning!) the Northeast Region Championship ....more

Our Florida Trip (part two)

When I left off yesterday, I was thinking that I had more stories to tell and more pictures to post, but today I'm realizing that I really don't. ...more

Our Trip To Florida (part one)

Our trip to Florida, as you can all believe, was fabulous. ...more

Birthday Presents, Art Projects and Oh Yah! I'm Going To Florida!

Josie brought home the best art project yesterday. ...more

Right on the

Right on the heels of the hockey State Tournaments, the soccer tournaments begin. ...more

I'm Now A Shopkeeper: My New Etsy Shop

Last fall, I took a sewing class in Arlington. ...more

The Results!

So Henry's team won the States! ...more

It's State Tournament Time

This weekend is a busy one for us. ...more

Josie Turns 10josie

Josie is now (proudly) double-digits. She's been counting down the days until her birthday for about a month. ...more

Window Art

The current snow total for our area (this winter) is 99 inches. ...more