The First Two Hockey Games Of The Year

Josie and Henry both had their first hockey games of the season on the same day. ...more

I Jump On The Pesto Bandwagon

Block Island has so many wonderful atributes including gorgeous beaches, stunning sunsets and great restaurants but what it doesn't have is good, fresh produce. ...more

Sachem Pond

When we are on Block Island, we are professional beach bums. ...more

Block Island Beach Picnic

We started a new Block Island tradition last year: ...more

Three Kids, Three Schools, Two First Days

The school year has officially begun. ...more

Skim Boarding on Block Island

We brought a new toy with us to Block Island this year: ...more

Snorkeling Off Block Island

While Josie and Gordy were getting ready to begin their 5K, Henry and Georgia were 2.5K away, preparing to go snorkeling in the ocean. ...more

Josie Runs a 5K

See that little girl in the purple shirt on the left-hand side of the above photo? ...more

Block Island 2014

We've been back from our vacation on Block Island for a whole week and boy do I miss island life! Like years past, we stayed on Block Island for three wonderful weeks. Three weeks of late-afternoon beach walks.. ....more

Josie & I Walk The Fells

When you leave Boston, heading North on Route 93 in Massachusetts, you can see a pretty rock tower poking it head through a large park of trees. ...more