Lacrosse Tournaments

This post could easily be called: ...more

Pippa's Playdate With Percy

Everyone meet Percy! ...more

Elliot Ninja Warrior

Like most Americans, we love the show American Ninja Warrior and we watch it every summer. Well, the kids and I are fans of American Ninja Warrior. ...more

One Last Trip To Block Island

Gordy and I took a day-trip on Friday to close up the house on Block Island. ...more

The Stanley Cup

The father of one of Josie's hockey teammates is an employee of the Pittsburgh Penguins and because of that fact, her hockey club got to spend time with The Stanley Cup last week. ...more

Musical Elliots

I don't mention the girls' non-sporting interests very often but Georgia and Josie are still playing musical instruments and are still taking private lessons. ...more

A Late Night Hockey Game

Okay everyone, a quick message ....... shhhhhh. ...more

The Dark Side of Air Travel

I've been MIA on my blog this week and that is because 48 hours after my long plane adventure home from Philadelphia, I came down with one of the meanest sickness I've ever had. ...more

A Quick Trip To Pennsylvania

I went to Pennsylvania last weekend for my yearly visit to Elizabeth, Sean and Owen...... and the restaurant, Buddakan in Philadelphia. ...more

First Field Hockey Game

Josie is now playing field hockey on her middle school team and her first game was this week. After watching one full game, here is what I know about field hockey: ...more