Skim Boarding on Block Island

We brought a new toy with us to Block Island this year: ...more

Snorkeling Off Block Island

While Josie and Gordy were getting ready to begin their 5K, Henry and Georgia were 2.5K away, preparing to go snorkeling in the ocean. ...more

Josie Runs a 5K

See that little girl in the purple shirt on the left-hand side of the above photo? ...more

Block Island 2014

We've been back from our vacation on Block Island for a whole week and boy do I miss island life! Like years past, we stayed on Block Island for three wonderful weeks. Three weeks of late-afternoon beach walks.. ....more

Josie & I Walk The Fells

When you leave Boston, heading North on Route 93 in Massachusetts, you can see a pretty rock tower poking it head through a large park of trees. ...more

Summer Days

After the crazy, long, cold winter that we had here in Massachusetts, our family has been loving the warmth and the sun of the summer. ...more

Dash Has Puppies

Our friend and neighbor Audrey has new puppies at her house! ...more

Our Day-Trip Summer: Revere Beach

The town of Revere held a contest for professional sand sculpters at their beach (obviously) and we saw a clip about the event on our local news and decided to take the children down to check it out. Right away it was obvious that these were not your typical sand castles. These were real sculptures and 3-D works of art ....more

Rainy Days

I designated a recent Wednesday as Josie Day at our house. ...more

Snorkeling In Maine

Last summer, while we were on Block Island, Henry mentioned that he thought a snorkel and mask would be a fun thing to have at the beach and later that afternoon, I saw a cheap set at the grocery store which I added to my cart. ...more