Happy (Faux) Birthday

Georgia and I are taking a trip to Miami later this week, so we celebrated her 13th birthday a little early. It was Georgia's Faux Birthday. I saved one present for Georgia to open on her actual birthday, but we did everything else ....more

Rainy Day Solutions

Pippa Middleton and I walk Josie to school every morning - rain or shine. ...more

An Unexpected Development

So this last weekend was Henry's hockey State Tournament - in other words, it was the end of the year for his hockey season. ...more

Our Weekend

Gordy and I were single parents this weekend - Gordy single-parented Georgia in Bethesda, MD and I single-parented Henry and Josie in Massachusetts. We divided, but I'm not sure if we conquered. Gordy and Georgia left Friday morning ....more

An Afternoon With 3/4ths of the Southerns

Last weekend was Family Weekend at my niece, Lily's college and so Meredith, John and Avery were in Massachusetts. ...more

Halloween 2015

And so Halloween 2015 happened (albeit more than a few days ago). Josie dressed up as a bee and Pippa Middleton was her flower. I didn't go out trick or treating, Gordy went with Josie and her friend Eva, but it was reported that Pippa Middleton went joyfully up to every door, greeted the owners, the owner's dogs and any children who might be present ....more

Carving The Pumpkin 2015

We are all about the Pug Dog in our house. ...more

Happy Hockey Halloween

Last Wednesday was Josie's Hockey Halloween party. ...more

Josie Tries Something New

Josie is starting a new instrument - the guitar! ...more

Islander Hockey

Josie's team played at Providence College (Rhode Island) last weekend and I brought along my camera assuming that a big college ice rink will be cleaner and brighter than depressing, dirty Hockeytown where they usually play their games. ...more