The First Snow Day

We got our first real snow storm today. ...more

Varsity Hockey

I got a text message from my sister the other day that said "update your blog" and it made me frown. ...more

More Creativity

Josie's cardboard dog house inspired her to do more. Last weekend, Josie made a cardboard card - which moves because of skate board she attached to the bottom. The car also has headlights (flashlights) and a vanity plate that says Josie's name ....more

Well it finally

Well, it finally happened - we got snow on Saturday night. ...more

I'm Back! (Kind of)

It's been about ten days and I've had approximately ten conversations with eight different Apple techs (including one Senior Supervisor) and I can now access my photos. ...more


Hello - I thought I should explain my absence from this blog. ...more

A House For Pippa

Our children went back to school yesterday and I swear the electronics and screens in our house breathed a sigh of relief. ...more

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve started early this year - we have a three year old in the mix now and late nights and three year olds don't mix. ...more

Harvey's Birthday

Our holiday celebrations started the week before Christmas when Lois, Harvey, Grandma and Grandpa came to our house for dinner and a birthday celebration. ...more

Gordy Goes To a Bruins Game

A lot of you have already seen this from Gordy's instagram, but I knew my blog friend Diane would get a kick out of them, so I'm posting it all my blog. ...more