Going Private

Hello everyone! ...more

Block Island With Elizabeth & Owen

Last weekend, Elizabeth and Owen came to visit us on Block Island! Owen is almost four now, if you can believe that. He is absolutely adorable - very talkative and social ....more

Mini-Golf Mini-Adventure

I wrote last week about all the appointments we've had this summer and how little fun we've actually been able to squeeze in during the week, but there have been exceptions. ...more

All The Fun Happens On Weekends Around Here ....

It's sad, but it's true. ...more

Our Last Few Weeks

We've been enjoying the summer - no surprise there. ...more

Last Day of School !

Well, we made it! ...more

Josie Graduates From Elementary School

On Monday night, Josephine became the third Elliot child to graduate from elementary school. ...more

Our First Field Hockey Tournament

Josie started playing field hockey this spring. ...more

What We've Been Up To

Our pool has a new slide and they held a contest to see who would be the first lucky child to get to use it.... and the winner was not Josie. ...more

Memorial Day Weekend

The most unbelievable thing happened over Memorial Day weekend - we had no soccer tournament! We were free to do whatever we wanted and what we wanted to do was to go out to Block Island and spend the weekend at the beach. And that is exactly what we did ....more