Storm Prep

We are preparing for the arrival of a massive blizzard here in Massachusetts. ...more

Josephine Plays Hockey

Josie has been playing hockey four times a week since September, although you'd never know it from reading my blog. ...more

Josie's Doctor's Kit

Josie asked for (and received, obviously) a Doctor's Kit for Christmas. ...more

Pippa's Playdate

We've been working hard to keep Pippa from turning into one of those neurotic, yippy dogs who barks whenever faced with a new situation. ...more

My Latest Hobby

I have a new hobby. This past fall, I took a sewing class and while the class itself left a lot to be desired, I fell in love with the sewing. ...more

What We've Been Up To Lately

Things have been slow around here - well, blog-slow, that is. ...more

Henry Hockey - Bantam As

I don't get to too many of Henry's hockey games anymore. ...more

We Take Owen To Skyline Park

Owen isn't old enough to come skating yet, so he got a special Massachusetts outing of his own: ...more

The Southerns Go Skating

While the Southerns were here over the Christmas holidays, we took them to a local ice rink for a free skate. ...more

Christmas! Part Two

Our Christmas Eve celebrations always start off with a photo shoot. ...more