Molly Sims Just Broke the First Rule of Moms' Club

While my children beat each other to a pulp in a game they called “Who Can Tackle The Other Person From The Couch Without Causing Bleeding?”, I snuck away to my computer to play a game of “I Should Be Working But I’m Checking People Magazine Online Instead.”...more
This article is just ridiculous. Moms can only talk about their kids now, if they're bemoaning ...more

The Journey From "Just a Mother"

I couldn’t look at her. I saw a glimpse of us in her bedroom closet mirror and the image made me doubt everything I just said minutes before. She was crying those type of tears where she had to stop every few seconds and gasp for a deep breath. And I looked broken....more
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Lean In? But what if I just want to stand still?

“What are your goals for the next year?”Her supervisor was sitting across from her at her annual review, asking the question that every supervisor asks at every annual review.But this one was different.Because the person being asked didn’t actually have any goals. She was, dare any woman actually admit, satisfied. She was happy with what she was doing and simply wanted to continue her job as it was....more

Writing a book is like having your first baby...

If you have been reading the blog for awhile, you know that I’m in the process of writing a book. I was recently part of the anthology called The Mother of All Meltdowns, but even before that, I had started to write a memoir about the ten years my grandmother and I wrote letters to each other. It’s a book that is a complete labor of love....more

If You Give A Mom A Cocktail

You know that book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?”I was challenged by a friend to come up with my own version. Mine is called, “If You Give A Mom A Cocktail”I’m not a children’s book author or anything, but I think I might be on to something here…IF YOU GIVE A MOM A COCKTAILIf you give a mom a cocktail, she’s going to want crackers to go with it.If you give her crackers, she is going to want cheese on top of them.If you give her cheese, she’s going to want chocolate to compliment it....more
Hilarious!  And, just as Basementblogging, I want a cocktail :Dmore

Are Mommy Bloggers Real Writers?

So I’m in the process of writing my own book. It’s about the decade of my life where my grandmother and I wrote letters each week to each other. It’s an extremely personal and emotional book to write and I am now at the point where I’m putting together the book proposal. I recently contacted a copy editor to look at the proposal to review it for edits. She replied, “Hey, wait, aren’t you one of those mommy bloggers? You know how to write too?” Gloves on. Yes, I’m a mommy. Yes, I’m a blogger. But I ain’t no one trick pony. ...more
I admire your restraint with your reply :) Yes we are all very talented people and being put ...more

Why my father rocks…

When we are parents of young children, we tend to focus on our spouses on Father’s Day – the father of our children. And as much as I love the hubby, and I do more than I can ever write about in a blog, I feel as if my own father gets left out a [...]The post Why my father rocks… appeared first on Martinis and Minivans ....more

Facebook posts from the week…

So a few of my Facebook followers said that I should write a collection of my Facebook posts from the week and put them in a blog post for readers who don’t follow me on Facebook. So hey, I thought I would give it a try.  Here’s a glimpse into my Facebook posts from this [...]The post Facebook posts from the week… appeared first on Martinis and Minivans ....more

Come visit me today on MAMALODE!

Such an exciting day today. I’m over at Mamalode!  If you don’t know about Mamalode, let me tell ya, it’s an awesome site with such great writing that I’m blown away on a daily basis.  I’m truly honored to have a post on their site and hope you’ll check it out. They picked up my [...]The post Come visit me today on MAMALODE! appeared first on Martinis and Minivans ....more

I hate dinnertime. There, I said it.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I used to fantasize about family dinners. You know, those dinners like The Cosby Show where everyone goes around the table and says what the highs and lows of their days were. However, what The Cosby Show didn’t show was what those dinners were like when their [...]The post I hate dinnertime. There, I said it. appeared first on Martinis and Minivans ....more