Wow... there was an outpouring of emails sent to me. Women who wanted to share their story. Men who wanted to share their story. Some were victims, and others were admitting fault- a total stranger apologized to me because he didn't know her name. "She was passed out," he wrote. "She didn't say no but she didn't say yes either. She didn't really say much." ...more

In all Matters of Being an Advocating Mother

I recently came across a headline from a BlogHer syndicated post, and it broke me a little. Admittedly, I let it. I let the word midget sink into my heart and take I allowed the offense. But I have to be honest... it's hard not to do.With the idea that dwarfism is the last disability to mock or exploit, we... parents, friends, family... have a fight ahead of us. As a parent. A writer. A human. I aim to educate about words that endanger our children and their right to be seen and heard as equals....more
martinkadeluxe I think this is something we all have issues with from time to time. We all have ...more